How to Load Dirt Bike in Truck

The dirt bike is a popular vehicle for off-road racing and other types of competition on rugged terrain. One person usually rides dirt bikes, but they can also carry passengers or haul cargo.

How to Load Dirt Bike in Truck

You might want to consider buying a dirt bike if you like to ride fast in difficult terrain. If you have already bought the dirt bike and need help on loading dirt bikes in trucks, this article will show you how!

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Instructions: How to Load Dirt Bike in Truck

Step One: Load Your Dirt Bike Onto The Truck Ramps

Begin by parking directly in front of the ramps. When it is time to drive up onto the ramps, turn off your engine and put on a helmet. You will need to retrieve your dirt bike and then place it on the ground near you. Turn around so that you are facing forward again, with the ramps behind you.

Load Your Dirt Bike Onto The Truck Ramps

Step Two: Drive-up On to the Truck Ramps

Drive your vehicle onto the ramps by slowly pressing down on the gas pedal. When you feel that you are close enough, start driving forward and stop when gravity starts pulling your truck towards the back of the ramp. Readjust if necessary, as there will be some trial and error with this process.

Step Three: Load Your Dirt Bike Onto The Truck

Once you have successfully driven your vehicle onto the ramps, it is time to load your dirt bike. Turn around and grab hold of one end of the ramp with both hands below where it meets the truck bed. Lift on that side until there is enough room for your dirt bike tire to clear the ramp and be pulled through.

Place your dirt bike on its kickstand in front of you, facing up towards the sky, and then come back to grab hold of both sides of that same ramp again. Lift at a 45-degree angle until there is enough room for your vehicle tire to pass under it as well. Once all tires are clear of the ramp, release it back down into place.

Step Four: Lock Your Dirt Bike To The Truck Bed

Unload your vehicle and then head to its rear end to find a hook with a keyhole at the lower left-hand corner (facing the front). Pull up on this latch to unlatch it and then swing the door upwards to open it.

Once inside, examine what you’ll find. A long metal bar with two hooks on either side of its midway point and attach one end around your dirt bike’s handlebars while holding onto the other to pull tight.

Slide this attachment along until both are securely fastened–tighten by hand or use the included wrench for extra tightening. Don’t forget to lock your dirt bike by securing its seat with a chain of locks, which are also present in this storage area.

Step Five: Secure Your Load

Once you’ve finished loading up your truck bed and locking down all of your bikes, it’s time to secure everything inside so that nothing can move around. The best way to do this is by using ratchet straps, which are long strips of durable cloth that have a barbed end on one side and a metal buckle on the other.

Attach these to your dirt bike handlebars (or any object you want to be secured) and tighten them with either your hand or an included ratchet wrench. Follow the strap around your dirt bike to make sure it’s securely fastened tighten by hand, or use an included wrench for extra tightening. Don’t forget to lock your dirt bikes with locks, which are located in this storage area as well!

The final step is securing everything inside so that nothing can move around. This is where the ratchet straps come in handy because they offer you a lot of ways to attach your dirt bike securely inside the truck bed and protect it from moving around too much during transit!

Dirt Bike

Some Tips to Load Dirt Bike in Truck

  • Make sure that the bike is off before loading it into the truck.
  • Place a tarp on top of your vehicle’s bed to protect the motorcycle from scratches and other damage during transport.
  • Use tie-downs to secure dirt bikes by fitting them under frames near pedals or rear shocks.
  • You can also use bungee cords to attach the bike securely.
  • Pack dirt bikes diagonally from front end to back end, with handlebars facing up, and pedals folded underframe if possible.
  • Load wider tires on one side of the truck bed for stability, balancing weight evenly between wheel wells.
  • If you have more than two motorcycles, then stack them with the front wheel of one bike touching the back tire of the adjacent bike.
  • Place boards, ramps, or other supports under tires before loading bikes onto the truck bed to prevent bounce and shifting during transit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Load A Dirt Bike On The Ground?

Using ramps or loading blocks and straps will prevent the bike from falling off the back of your truck during transportation. Loading ramps are available at most hardware stores for purchase. The safest way to load a dirt bike on the ground is to use ramps or loading blocks and straps.

Can You Lift a Dirt Bike Into a Truck?

Dirt bikes are not heavy, but they do have their own weight. It is possible to lift a dirt bike into the back of your truck, but it does take some effort and coordination between you and your partner (if there is one). You will need an even surface that slopes down towards the back of the vehicle for this method to work properly.

The first person should use his/her feet against the headrests on either side of the seat while simultaneously pulling up with arms extended as high as possible in front of them. This lifts both wheels off the ground at the same time so that other person can stand over the top frame near the rear tire and push upwards without having to reach too far under or through the bike.

The person standing should stand slightly back of the rear tire, so it’s easier to lift without having a bike tip. The dirt bike can then be rolled into the truck and secured with ratchet straps or bungee cords until you are ready to ride again!

How Do You Load a Motorcycle in a Truck by Yourself?

When loading your dirt bike in the back of a truck, use ramps to support and protect it. For heavier bikes, you may want to purchase straps for additional security. The best way to load is from the front wheel side first, with the steering tube pointed down as if you are sitting on top of your motorcycle. Next, place one ramp at either end

Lift up or lower each side until they meet halfway between where the ramps were placed, then drive forward onto them, letting gravity do most of the work lowering it gradually off its center stand while holding onto both levers firmly during this process so that nothing extreme happens like it tipping over backward due to not being secured properly beforehand with more than just one strap which could lead some damage occurring such as a bent steering tube.


If you’re looking to haul your dirt bike in a truck, it’s important that you know how to load dirt bike in truck correctly. Dirt bikes are difficult to move around due to their weight and size, so knowing proper loading techniques is key for those who want safe travels with minimal hassle.

Read our blogs for some helpful tips about how to get your dirt bike into your truck without damaging either the vehicle or the motorcycle! Reach out to us if you face any problems or still have any questions!

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