How to Make Dirt Bike Training Wheels


Dirt bike training wheels are a great way to teach your child how to ride safely. They provide more stability and control than trying to learn on their own or without any safety gear at all. In this article, I am going to discuss how to make dirt bike training wheels.

How to Make Dirt Bike Training Wheels

Required Materials For Making Dirt Bike Training Wheels 

To make dirt bike training wheels, you need to have the following materials:

  • A piece of PVC pipe that is a little bit wider than your tire. It should be about 12 inches long and cut in half lengthwise for stability purposes;
  • A drill with an auger bit attachment or hole saw (copper tubing can also be used if desired);
  • A piece of scrap wood to drill your hole in. This will vary depending on the size of tire you are using and how much clearance is needed for both tires;
  • Sandpaper, a marker or other material that can be used as an axle guide, some kind of grease (such as Vaseline ), and a flathead screwdriver.

Steps on How to Make Dirt Bike Training Wheels

The steps in creating dirt bike training wheels are as follows:

  • Find a wheel that is the right size for your bicycle and remove any spokes from it.
  • Get some thick, stiff wire to use as axles (or create one by tightly coiling up thin steel wire)
  • Attach the axle wires/coils to either side of the wheel, making sure they are at an equal distance from the ground and then tighten them in place.
  • Attach your training wheels to your bike with a strong hose clamp
  • Clamp both axles tight enough so that it won’t move up or down but not too tightly as you want some wiggle room for braking purposes.
Dirt Bike Training Wheels


  • Use protective gear when making dirt bike training wheels: safety glasses, gloves and a dust mask.
  • Be mindful of your work area by removing anything that may be impacted by cutting or other tools you are using such as saws, nuts and bolts. This includes children playing nearby or pets who like to chew on things left out.
  • Put a few drops of oil on the cutting blade to help it glide more easily.
  • Do not cut or drill any metal while it is hot as this will cause sparks and you could get burned. Allow the metal piece to cool before proceeding with your cuts, drilling etc.

How to Install the Training Wheels

The first thing you need to do is find a flat surface that your dirt bike can be free of any debris and at least large enough for it. Park your dirt bike on this area and make sure the front tire will not touch anything while you are installing the training wheel.

Now, you need to loosen your front axle and remove it. Make sure the wheel will not move or turn while doing this step.

Take off the bolts holding your brake caliper on using an Allen wrench (hex key) and any other tools necessary for removing them. Once they’re off, pull up on the caliper and pull it away from the forks.

Now that your caliper is off put on a new brake shoe or align your old one and install the bolts to hold them in place. Now you can remove the front axle by turning counter-clockwise with an Allen wrench (hex key).


The training wheels you just made are a perfect set to use for helping your child learn how to ride a bike. They’ll feel confident and safe as they coast around the neighborhood, learning balance and coordination without fear of crashing into things or hurting themselves too badly in case something goes wrong.

Best of all, these dirt bike training wheels attach super easily to just about any bike, making them the perfect solution for teaching your child how to ride.

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