Best Dirt Bike Lift Stand

Biking is a great way to get around town and explore your surroundings, but if you’re not an experienced biker, then the idea of dirt biking may seem like too much. Dirt bikes are lighter than street bikes and have larger tires that can tackle rougher terrain.

If you want something that will give you a rush without having to go as fast, dirt biking might be for you! Dirt bike lifts are great for both the rider and the dirt bike. They make it easier to transport a dirt bike, store a dirt bike, work on your dirt bike, or get off of your dirt bike and relax on the ground while you’re waiting for someone else to finish riding their own. In this article, we will discuss best dirt bike lift standin detail.

Best Dirt Bike Lift Stand

Dirt bikes need maintenance to keep them running smoothly, so adding a lift is an excellent way to protect against wear and tear. In addition, a well-maintained vehicle will last longer than one that’s neglected, which means it’ll also save you money in repairs down the road.

We are going to review the five best dirt bike lift stand on the market. Lift stands allow you to service your dirt bike without using a ramp or workbench and with minimal effort. A good quality lift should be sturdy enough to handle any size of motorcycle in either direction.

It is also important for a Dirt Bike Ramp Stand to have rear wheels as these make sure that bikes will not tip over when they are being lifted into position, which would cause damage both for the machine itself and anything near it. So without extending the introductory words, let us go through the main description of the products.

Top Five Best Dirt Bike Lift Stand

BikeMaster Easy Lift & Lower Off-Road Motorcycle Jack Stand

The BikeMaster Easy Lift & Lower Motorcycle Jack Stand is the perfect way to lift and lower your dirt bike. With its sturdy steel construction, it provides a solid base for your motorcycle while you’re working on it. Best of all, what makes this product stand out from others is the super quality materials.

It can be adjusted with one hand by pushing down on the center pin! Lifting contractors are always struggling with those big heavy jacks. What should have been done 15 minutes ago now takes up half their day, but not when they have an easy set-up like these stands. Just push the front knob and get to lifting. 

Please stick to the finest of surfaces with our unique and innovative damper shock technology. With 360 degrees of anti-slip security, your floor is safe from dripping fluids as you work on your project in the garage, shed, or restaurant kitchen.

This lift stand is a perfect companion for your off-road bike. This stand has thick, durable steel construction to keep you safe and upright while on the move. Unlike other products, this model locks closed, so there’s no danger of losing things in transit when you close it up.


  • This stand is highly durable against all weathers.
  • This stand is lightweight, so you can easily transport it.
  • This product allows easy lifting in off-road use.
  • This is built with an anti-slip deck for easy operability.


  • Sometimes the functionality of the product does not work.

Motorsport Products 92-4001 Silver P12 Adjustable Lift Stand

The Motorsport Products 92-4001 Silver P12 Adjustable Lift Stand is a finely crafted metal stand with rubberized height and lateral adjustment platforms. In addition, 3-wheeled casters make it easy to move the stand from place to place.

This durable furniture piece will compliment your home or shop décor while providing reliable lifting for tires, air pressure gauges, bike stands, laptop keyboard risers – anything you need to elevate.

This stand is designed for bikes from 50cc up to 650cc and has a foot lever so that step on it when you’re ready, then flip open the stand arms and voilà! Your gear looks prop with nothing in its way.

This high-quality, highly adjustable lift stand adjusts up to 11 different height positions from 9.5 to 14 1/2″ tall. Used by racers and technicians alike, this one size fits all stand ensures you’ll always have the ideal feature for riding or servicing your motorcycle.

As part of their Motorsport Product family, this professional-quality product will last a lifetime with its aircraft aluminum construction; meanwhile, it’ll stay out of the way while seamlessly complementing your garage tools thanks to its polished silver finish.


  • This stand is built using high-quality aluminum.
  • This stand offers eleven different adjusting heights.
  • This stand will add to the aesthetic value of your garage.


  • The construction is loosely done for this product.

Dr. Dry Red/black Hc2 Lift Stand

The Dr. Dry Red/black Hc2 Lift Stand is the perfect bike stand for anyone who maintains and services their own dirt bike. Its compact width means that it doesn’t take up too much space in a garage or workshop, but the height adjustability makes it suitable to work on all dirt bikes, from small trials bikes to motocross racers.

With the assembled dimensions of 43x19x21 inches (H x W x D), this useful tool will have your hands are free while you finish up that messy job. In addition, the top plate is height-adjustable so that you can use it for almost any type of dirt bike on the market. 

From small-sized bikes like KTM’s tiny SX50 all the way up to large gas guzzlers such as Ducati Multistradas14 inches tall) and secures under most bikes. This stand will be sure to keep your garage clear in a minimal amount of time.

This long-lasting stand is durable, and if you require storage, this unit is roomy enough to stack gear on for easy accessibility! In addition, all of your equipment will be at an arms reach because this lightweight design holds up to 300 pounds without a problem.


  • The material characteristics of this stand are very durable.
  • This product can hold all the equipment necessary for your bike.
  • All sizes of bikes can easily stand on this product.


  • The weight of this product is too light in comparison to the bike.

RISK Racing 00381 ATS Adjustable Top Dirt Bike Stand

The RISK Racing 00381 ATS Adjustable Top Dirt Bike Stand is a dirt bike stand of the highest quality that will help you get the most out of your ride.

Make sure any bike sits level with its fully adjustable top, and store bolts and tools in magnetic side panels for an easier-to-use product that gets the job done.

This stand features the latest in a lightweight, durable design. This top-of-the-line stand provides comfortable access and a strong base for your bike regardless of size.

The aluminum adjustability top ensures that your bike will be level while you work on it, adding comfort to an already smooth process.

This high-quality adjustable dirt bike stand uses easy nozzles on a CNC machined pivoting head for long-lasting durability and ergonomic leverage to make any wrenching task easier on your hands.


  • This stand is easily adjustable.
  • The product is lightweight for easy carrying.
  • This product has an anodized leveling system.
  • The top and the base are oversized for greater stability.


  • The product is too tall for some bikers.

Polisport 8981500007 Black Motorcycle Stand

The Polisport 8981500007 Black Motorcycle Stand holds up 550 pounds/250 kilograms, so you can quickly clean off the dust and move on to the next destination. Hit the asphalt with this sturdy bike stand.

With a tough polypropylene plastic construction, your bike will be safe from wear and tear while you get out there to explore. Comes equipped with an injection molded rubber top for much-needed stability.

This lightweight and easy-to-carry stand attaches quickly with durable straps for all kinds of terrains, so it’s never a hassle leaving your bike safe when you need to stretch or walk around.

Whether on the road or at home, this simple solution keeps your ride upright and stationary at whatever height is best for working on it. When you’re done, fold up compactly, put it back in your bag, and head off into adventure. Pull stands out from their compact 10 inches by 6-inch design. Attach securely with strong straps that adjust up to 38 inches tall.


  • This product has a sturdy construction.
  • This product has a polypropylene-based construction.
  • This product comes in very lightweight.


  • Plastic may sometimes become harmful to the environment.

What Are the Key Considerations While Choosing the Best Dirt Bike Lift Stand?

There are certain aspects that a buyer should remember before buying the best dirt lift stand. This will help you to buy the correct product. For this reason, we have shortlisted some of the most important aspects which you have to consider while choosing the best dirt bike stand. These are discussed below.

Type of Dirt Bike:

You must know the type of dirt bike that you are using. This will help decide what stand is best suited for your bike and avoid any problems while placing the bike onto it. There are different types of stands available such as single-sided, double-sided, etc. The type which suits your need should be chosen accordingly.

Portability or Sturdiness:

A buyer should consider whether he/she wants a portable stand or one with more sturdiness and stability. Dirt bike lifts are generally portable and will help you to move your vehicle around with ease.


The best dirt bike stand should be made of durable material which is strong enough to carry the weight of a heavy dirt bike. It should also have rubber footings for safety purposes, especially if it has wheels on the bottom layer.

Size and Weight Capacity:

You must know how big or tall your motorcycle is when deciding what type of stand would suit it best. It would help if you made sure that there’s ample space in the garage before buying one as well keep in mind its weight capacity so that your expensive motorbike doesn’t fall due to overloading during transportation.

Ease of Use:

Your motorbike lift should be easy to use so that you can store it in your garage with no problems. But, on the other hand, you don’t want a complicated one that will only frustrate you when trying to operate it.

Variety of Lift Stand:

There are many types and brands of dirt bike lift out there for sale, from the cheapest ones to top-of-the-line models designed by the best manufacturers. . You should research before buying one to make sure you know your motorbike needs suit it best.


Your dirt bike lift stand must be safe enough so that if something goes wrong, the motorcycle would not fall off or crash against anything harmful in its way because of poor design. It’s also essential for safety purposes to buy an anti-slip industrial mat that’ll prevent accidents when transporting the motorcycle on top of this unit.


Durable stands are easy to install, sturdy but lightweight simultaneously, so they can carry heavy motorcycles with ease without collapsing under their weight or damaging them while maneuvering through narrow spaces inside garages with limited space.

How Do You Use a Dirt Bike Lift Stand?

A dirt bike lift stand is a tool that can be used for many purposes. For example, a rider may use it to transport the motorcycle upstairs, onto a table or workbench, and even on top of another vehicle so they can work on the motorcycle without getting their entire body dirty.

How Do You Use a Dirt Bike Lift Stand

One of the most common uses for these stands is storage facilities where motorcycles are placed into racks with elevated shelves. The side-loading design allows them to easily get underneath and move through tight spaces while maintaining stability during loading/unloading cycles, potentially damaging bikes if not handled properly.

These devices typically have wheels at one end that allow riders to push themselves along from place to place – though there are models available specifically designed as dollies with large rubber tires.

Why put a dirt bike on a stand?

The importance of putting a bike on a stand is manifold. Some of the essential aspects are stated below.

  • Dirt bike stands are a great way to store your dirt bikes off the ground when you don’t have any other place for them.
  • The best dirt bike stand will take up less space than storing it on an entire garage floor and can also be used as protection from dust and debris, which may gather in low spaces of your garage or house if you plan to leave it stored there.
  • Putting a dirt bike on a lift stand is safer because it reduces risks associated with riding that could lead to injury, such as falls due to improper balance or loss of traction while accelerating.
Why Put a Dirt Bika Stande on

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Get a Dirt Bike Lift Stand?

A bike lift stand can help you work on your dirt bike without laying it down, and they are great for when you need extra height. For example, a typical home garage floor is about 16 inches high, which mmeaningwill be some kickstands near the near-universal low ground clearance of most bikes (at least 12 inches).

Kickstands have a habit of getting caught up in one another or otherwise interfering with the normal process if not respected throughout all stages of maintenance – so an alternative solution like a small portable motorcycle lift stand offers convenience and better ergonomics while also saving space.

The added benefit is avoiding any damage to expensive parts from dangling them off the ground. Thus your bike remains safe and sound.

Can I Lift My Bike Without a Stand?

A few years ago, the answer to this question would have been yes. But with today’s bikes being so much heavier and more technologically advanced than older models, there are now specific bike lift stands made for such purposes. They’re also cheaper in price than their most well-known counterpart.

The motorcycle lift stand. More importantly, though, they offer greater stability and safety as you work on your machine or prepare it for transport. As an avid rider myself, I always take my time when working under any vehicle due to its heavyweight, but I’ve never had one fall over before, thanks to having these types of lifts around me at all times.

How Long Do Dirt Bikes Lift Stand Last?

The amount of time your lift stand lasts really depends on what you are using it for. If you use yours every day, the average is around six months to two years, depending on how often and where you store your dirt bike after each usage.

If, instead, you only ever use your stand when needed, such as once a month or less than that, then it will last much longer because no constant stresses are being put upon its parts.

With proper care taken throughout the process – avoiding moisture, rusting parts from regular contact with water causes in certain environments (like outdoor storage sheds), or other causes of wear and tear – these types of stands can be used for many years without any issues.

How Much Cost the Dirt Bike Lift Stand?

The price of the stand ranges from $115 to $280, depending on size and features. The stands support up to 300 pounds, but we suggest lifting smaller bikes for them not to be too heavy for you.

The cost of the bike lift stand may also vary depending on the manufacturing materials.
The price is quite low for locally manufactured stands, but for imported materials, the price will certainly become high. So it would help if you had a good idea about the product before buying.

What’s the Point of a Dirt Bike Stand?

Dirt bike stands are often used to store dirt bikes for long periods without them being exposed to the elements. In addition, the stand lifts the front wheel of a dirt bike off of the ground, which can eliminate any worry about corrosion building on your expensive investment.

Additionally, it’s much easier and more convenient than using ramps or jack stands with numerous adjustments. All you need is a flat surface for these two-point lift systems. A quality stand also has safety features that help prevent further damage from occurring if your bike falls over while stored in an awkward position.


In conclusion, we hope that our pick for the best dirt bike lift stand has been beneficial for you. It will surely allow you to decide on a reliable product for your bike.

If you are looking for a dirt bike lift stand that is easy to use, durable, and offers great support, the BikeMaster Easy Lift & Lower Off-Road Motorcycle Jack Stand is your best option. These motorcycle jack stands can be used on any terrain with ease.

Industry experts have tested it, and it truly works as advertised. The old days of struggling to get up or down from your off-road vehicle are over thanks to this product’s innovative design. Thank you for your time, have a good day.

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