Best Dirt Bike Loading Ramp


A dirt bike loading ramp can be a necessity for buyers that purchase dirt bikes or those that are looking to buy one. The importance of it is that you don’t have to lift the bike up and over your head to load it into your vehicle, which may cause injury.

There are many different ramps available for purchase with varying sizes and features, so be sure to do some research before deciding on what would work best for you.  Here we have picked the seven best dirt bike loading ramp, which will be beneficial for your purchase.

To keep your dirt bike safe, you should be sure that it is properly stored. While storing a dirt bike in the garage may seem like the most logical solution, there are many reasons why this can be problematic. For one thing, garages have limited space and only so much headroom.

Best Dirt Bike Loading Ramp

This means that if you store your dirt bike with the seat up, you will not be able to close the door or even open it wide enough for other cars to get out without getting scraped on their paint job.

You also run into similar problems when trying to pull your dirt bike out of its designated parking spot because then you risk scraping both vehicles at once! So again, again, the best solution is purchasing a loading ramp specially designed for riding bikes. 

Top Seven Best Dirt Bike Loading Ramp

Guardian Dual Runner Shed Ramps

The Guardian Dual Runner Shed Ramps are perfect for loading all your dirt bikes, ATVs, and lawnmowers without the hassle of using ramps or a trailer. The 3.5″ rung spacing provides great stability for smaller wheels, while the serrated surface ensures that you won’t be slipping down at any point.

Once again, Guardians sheds have surpassed industry standards with this awesome product.  Introducing Guardian’s top-of-the-line Dual Runner Shed Ramps, an innovative product that allows you to have hassle-free storage and transportation of all sorts of large products from a dirt bike to a tractor.

The Dual Runner Ramp will handle it with its excellent build quality and weight capacities. So let this smooth operator go into all your toughest jobs for you. The 750 pound per axle capacity has a full width 4″ L attaching lip with pre-drilled holes for optional permanent mounting and is lightweight aluminum, so it’s perfect for an uplifting dirt bike.

With your tires safely elevated from the ground, this product will help keep things as fit frontside as it is in the back. So grabSo grab them and take off on 2, 3, or 4 wheels of glory. They’re also made in America.


  • This ramp has a 750 lb. per axle weight capacity
  • The ramps are made in America
  • They are lightweight
  • Manufactured using durable materials.
  • Does not affect the tire of the dirt bike.


  • Sometimes the width of the ramp might be an issue.

Black Widow AFL-9012 Single Runner Motorcycle Ramp

Single-runner ramps are the number one choice for loading and unloading dirt bikes, motorcycles, and more. The Black Widow AFL-9012 Single Runner Motorcycle Ramp is a folding single-runner ramp with serrated rungs to add extreme traction when you need it most.

With an arched design for maximum engine clearance, this product is beneficial for any rider trying to load or unload their bike with little chance of injury. Load your bike by yourself with the reliable durability of these products.

It is the perfect product for any first bike enthusiast to get up and over difficult obstacles. The weight capacity of 750 lbs per ramp means you can load all your gear on top.

And because it’s lightweight aluminum, rubber-coated, and made from scratch-resistant materials, this ramp will never break or crack under pressure.


  • The folding system helps to store it.
  • Aluminum makes the product durable.
  • Best for dirt bike lifting.
  • The rubber coating provides added support.


  • The surface coating should be improved.

CargoSmart Steel Tri-Fold Ramp

Loading and unloading have never been easier with the help of CargoSmart’s Steel Tri-Fold Ramp. At 500 lb per ramp capacity, this is a reliable tool for any household or professional.

The cutouts on the bottom make it exceedingly easy to step on without slipping, ensuring that difficult loading and unloading jobs are completed quickly and safely. 

If you’ve ever felt hesitant about climbing into your vehicle from above one too many times, this heavy-duty steel ramp is ideal for you.

With an 850 lb weight limit, there will be no need to worry about uneven ground or dirt while carrying cargo all day long. Made with a sturdy design and rough edges to ensure increased traction during your load-up routine.


  • Trifold technology helps to carry the ramp.
  • Ensures the safety of the bike.
  • The pattern ensures proper friction.
  • Lightweight and robust nature.


  • Sometimes folding can cause damage to the ramp.

Fly Racing Curved Folding Ramp 

The Fly Racing Curved Folding Ramp is the perfect storage solution for your gear. Its compact design means you can store it literally anywhere!

Plus, its lightweight and durable construction mean that no matter how many times you set up/break down this ramp, it’ll keep going like a champ. This ramp is only 20 inches long and folds down to 12″ for ease of transport in crowded pits, yet it promises to accommodate various dirt bikes and ATVs – up to 3-1/2 tons!

Be prepared with your small packable folding ramp from Fly Racing. Quick and easy to set up as a ramp or turn it on its side for a bridge. It’s the perfect size for the dirt bike.

It offers 2×4 adjustable legs, high strength aluminum construction, anti-slip grooves, and is compact enough to bring anywhere.


  • This product is highly durable.
  • Rungs provide added traction to the ground
  • The weight of the ramp is quite low.
  • The design of this product is compact.


  • The product gets easily dirty.

LILEI Aluminum Ramps

The path from the dirt bike to the ramp is now much smoother with LILEI Aluminum Ramps for Dirt Bikes! Made of high-quality aluminum, these ramps are durable and strong enough to support the weight of a motocross bike.

With an arch design that makes it easier for you to set up your next stunt, LILEI ramps save time and reduce back pain. So whether you’re setting up stunts or saving yourself from physical harm, this product will lead you in the right direction.

Adequate space on either side also encourages safety as our ramp comes with apex shapes at every corner and ends – whether they’re bendy or not. 

High-quality aluminum alloy construction at lightweight; slip-proof feet ensuring traction during riding; and an anti-rust process fitting any off-road conditions. 


  • This product has a practical design.
  • The arch is safer for dirt bikes.
  • The product has fantastic material quality.
  • The product has an anti-rust coating.


  • The ground traction should be increased.

Yutrax 70-inch Tri-Fold Aluminum Truck UTV/ATV Loading Ramps 

Weighing in at 28 lb., the Yutrax UTV/ATV loading ramps are the perfect transport solution. These aluminum ramps feature heavy-duty hinges and welded joints, not riveted, which gives you peace of mind when carrying up to 1,750 pounds – this means no matter how big your bike or ATV, maybe we’ve got you covered.

Plus, the lightweight design means they’re easy to handle, too, with a weight capacity of 3 times more than the standard ramp on the market. 

You’ll be able to tackle the slopes in no time-no matter what rapids or drops stand in your way! The all-aluminum construction makes it lightweight, durable, and portable.

The tabs are rubber-coated so that they will never scratch up the perimeter of your vehicle. It also comes equipped with adjustable safety straps for securing the ramp to your vehicle while you’re riding over any obstacles that may get in your way.


  • High strength materials.
  • Easy handling and dismantling.
  • Scratchproof coating against vehicles.


  • A safety inspection should be increased for this product.

CargoSmart Aluminum Tri-Fold Ramp with Treads

The CargoSmart Aluminum Tri-Fold Ramp is perfect for anyone who needs to transport heavy things. Constructed with three folds, this ramp provides lightweight aluminum construction that holds up under the force of a hefty 1,500 lb. distributed load per ramp capacity.

Each section contains Treads and Wheels to make loading and unloading easy. The treads provide you an adjustable safety strap to keep your cargo securely in place while it’s on the ramp, as well as a large tread design that ensures your equipment stays safely on the ramp.

It also offers itself easy folding to allow you storage spaces more room once it is not in use and prevents wear of tires by lessening them from having to strain against any weight. In addition, this versatile option adjusts for any load size, so you can depend on it without hesitation and make transporting more risk-free.


  • The product ensures proper safety for the users.
  • The product is lightweight and durable.
  • The large tread design is beneficial.


  • The tread design might not suit some bikes.

Types of Dirt Bike Ramp Most Frequently Used:

Types of Dirt Bike Ramp


If all else fails or has many motorcycles that need to be loaded up quickly, the best thing is to use forklifts. These machines are specially designed to load heavy products onto trailers thanks to their ability to lift loads perpendicular to the ground with an extendable arm fitted with forks at its end.

They usually require more space, too, so make sure there’s enough room before deciding on this option.

Trailer Ramps:

Another option to load up your bike is by using trailer ramps. You can also use these ramps on other vehicles such as jeeps or trucks if you want to transport them elsewhere.

The process includes the following three steps: connecting your truck’s hitch with the trailer; raising the ramp from ground level after securing it at the back of the vehicle; reversing until both ends are firmly against each other than lock into place before lowering onto the ground surface below.

Pallet Jack/Low Profile Lifts:

If you want to use something other than ramps, then find pallet jacks to lift your bike. Alternatively, consider low-profile lifts, which will provide better access for loading and unloading dirt bikes but are heavier in weight.

Loading Ramp:

You can also use loading ramps which are easy to carry with you anywhere for an instant ramp. These are usually lightweight and sturdy enough to support the weight of dirt bikes too!

High Profile Ramps:

If you want something that will load your bike easily, then buy a high-profile ramp. This is because it has been designed especially for vehicles such as trucks or dirt bikes, making it easier to drive on and off with no concerns about damaging vehicle components.

However, if you need more height, nothing stops you from stacking these ramps one after another so long as they all have the same width of at least 12 feet each (or less).

Low Profile Ramps:

The low-profile ramp is best for when you want to have more access. This is because it can be driven on and off with much fewer problems such as vehicle damage or scraping the ground, which means that your dirt bike will not get damaged in any way during loading.

Designing Feature of Dirt Bike Loading Ramp:


The wheels should have a good surface and be wide enough to prevent the bike from tipping over when it is being lifted.


Each side of the ramp must have two platforms on which the bikes rest in transit. These platforms should face back towards each other so that they are accessible for loading or unloading.


There needs to be sufficient footing at both ends of the platform because this will provide stability and allow an operator to grip one end with their foot while lifting the bike on the opposite side using a forklift or similar appliance. Ideally, there would also be some “foot” at the midpoint along each platform’s length to make sure nothing slides off during transport.


The ramp should be sloped towards the truck bed so that bikes can roll down and into it without any assistance. This is accomplished through a slight incline that gradually becomes steeper until reaching the top of the loading area.

There will likely need to be some “ramp” or conveniently located ledge for supporting bike tires as they are lowered onto the said platform to prevent them from being damaged against metal edges, hardened concrete, etc.

Ramp Ends:

Both ramps must have end pieces on each side with lips at about an inch high. This lip helps keep dirt out of the trailer while also preventing wheels from rolling off when entering/exiting the vehicle, not to mention protecting your expensive carbon fiber bike from contact with the outside world.


Rails provide stability for your ramp by limiting how far it can be “tilted” over at the end, thereby reducing the risk of tipping and making it easier to load bikes onto the vehicle.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Dirt Bike Loading Ramp

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Dirt Bike Loading Ramp


Heavy ramps are tough to carry and cumbersome but will not sag as much under the weight of a dirt bike. Lighter ramps can be carried easily, they may sag more when loaded with a large off-road motorcycle, but they’re easier to store.

If you anticipate loading your ramp onto an ATV or truck bed, then heavier is better because lighter ramps must be lifted by hand, and this takes time which could result in loss of balance on uneven ground.


Dirt bikes create sharp edges that cause damage to lightweight materials such as plastic over time, so any potential purchaser needs to feature corrosion-resistant material like steel which will stand up against repeated usage from heavy off-road motorcycles during transport into out.


Durability is important, but a ramp that’s too heavy may break when it becomes wet or icy. You’ll need to find the right balance of weight and rigidity, so look for ramps made out of flexible plastic with steel support bars on the inside if you anticipate these types of conditions.


Dirt bikes are usually smaller, so a short loading ramp is preferable. But you want to lift the bike to a suitable height, and then you can easily choose the length of the ramp depending on your requirement.


A wider ramp will make it easier to load your dirt bike since you won’t have to be as close to the trailer or truck bed during transport but beware that wider ramps may not fit in doorways and narrow hallways easily enough for storage.

Ramp Angle:

The angle of the side rails that support the lateral edge should always slope downward at about an inch per foot when measured from the rail base up towards the top of each end surface. This ensures an easy and safe transition off either side while providing stability against tipping over even with heavier motorcycles. 


Portable Ramps for Home Use are typically around ten feet in total length and can easily be separated into three easy transport or storage sections. In addition, these usually come with carrying handles on either end, which makes them easier to lift and maneuver while providing stability when set up.


The height of the ramp should be at least 36 inches to ensure that you can load your dirt bike on it.

Do and Don’ts When You Setup Ramp for Dirt Bike:

The ramp should be 16″ wide and at least 30′ long. When applying pressure, use your legs to push the ramp up against the dirt bike. If you are looking for a way to load your dirt bike onto a trailer without getting scratched or dented, this is one of the best ways.

The first thing that you need to do when setting up the ramp is to make sure that it can fit on either side of the dirt bike so that loading doesn’t take too much longer than necessary. You also want to ensure that there enough length for someone standing on top of them not feel any pressure from leaning over too far. This will help both driver and passenger stay safe.

Once the ramp is set up, place it against the dirt bike so that when you apply pressure with your legs, it will push up against the tires. Again, it would help if you were careful not to use your hands as this can cause scratches on either side of the vehicle or even denting in some cases.

It might take a few tries, but once your ramp is at an angle and touching both sides of the tire, then you are ready to load. You want to first position yourself at one end of the dirt bike (either driver’s or passenger’s side), stand facing downhill, and hold onto handlebars for support if needed.

Slowly walk backward downhill until the bike starts moving forward by itself. Once the bicycle has moved off the ground enough, climb into the trailer without letting go of the bike. The ramp is set up; lean the long part against the dirt bike so that when you apply pressure with your feet, it will push up against the tires.

It would help if you were careful not to use your hands as this can cause scratches on either side of the vehicle or even denting in some cases. It might take a few tries, but once your ramp is at an angle and touching both sides of the tire, then you are ready to load.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Load a Dirt Bike on a Ramp?

The loading ramp must be long enough to accommodate the length of your dirt bike. Place the lower part of the ramp on an even surface, such as a driveway or sidewalk that’s similar in height to where you want the dirt bike loaded.

Maneuver one end of the ramp close to and parallel with your motorcycle so it will support its weight while being lifted onto the other side. You can use ramps made for bikes if they’re sturdy enough-just don’t make them too steep (less than 12 degrees).

How Do You Load a Dirt Bike Without a Ramp?

There are ways to load a dirt bike without a ramp, but they’re more difficult and complicated. One way is by using the side of your vehicle as leverage while lifting it onto its rear wheel.
You can also use ramps made for two-wheel vehicles if you don’t have room to maneuver your motorcycle around a loading ramp. Once on its rear tire, push the front end up with one hand until it’s resting on the other edge of the ramp (use caution when balancing).

Use both hands to lift the back end so that it takes the weight off its left pedal – this makes things easier because you’ll be able to get better traction with just one foot holding down an inclined surface while pushing with all your might against gravity.

Can a Beginner Ride a 450 Dirt Bike?

Thanks to advances in technology, dirt bike riders can ride more types of bikes than ever before. However, if you’re a beginner looking for the best type of bike for your first try at motocross racing, then consider riding a 450cc dirt bike.

There’s something about these bikes that makes them easier and more forgiving when compared with smaller motorcycles such as the 250s or 125s. This is because they have less power but can keep up with their faster counterparts on different terrain.

How Can I Make My Dirt Bike More Comfortable?

The dirt bike is a great type of vehicle. It’s light, fast, and good-looking, which are all things that any rider would value in their machine. However, it can also be really uncomfortable for riders when taken over long distances or off the beaten path. Here we’ll take a look at some ways you can make your dirt bike more comfortable to ride while still keeping its speed and agility intact.

Step One: Change Your Seat Height

It may seem counterintuitive but increasing your seat height will actually decrease the amount of stress on your backside by transferring more weight onto your feet instead of pressure on muscles.

However you however, you should never increase this setting without first checking with an expert, as incorrect adjustments could lead to serious injury.

Step Two: Try An Inflatable Seat Pad

If you’re interested in changing your seat height, then an inflatable pad is a great way to give yourself some cushioning. It’s essentially the same concept as a decongestant inhaler, but instead of relieving congestion, it does so for pressure on sensitive muscles and tissues.

These can be bought online or sometimes offered at dealerships when you purchase a new bike. However, be warned that these are not made for long-distance riding, so be sure only to use them for commuting or short rides around town.

How Do You Load a Motorcycle Into a Truck Without a Ramp?

The first thing you need to do is find a high curb or make one with logs, rocks, woodblocks, and some other sturdy materials. The ramp should be at least six feet long and have nothing obstructing its top (i.e., no low branches).

Place the motorcycle on its wheels next to the ramp so that when you go up onto your high point between them, there will be enough space for you to stand without touching either bike’s wheels.

You want this area clear because once loaded into a truck bed, and it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to get in and out from under the vehicle. It can also cause significant damage during loading and unloading maneuvers and present an increased risk of injury due to falling over while loading or unloading.


If you’re looking for the best dirt bike loading ramp to help get your motocross or supercross motorcycle into your truck bed, garage, or trailer without scratching it up and breaking any components, I recommend Guardian Dual Runner Shed Ramps.

They are available in various sizes, so no matter what type of vehicle you have, they’ll work well with it. In addition, theIn addition, the ramps feature dual runners who will provide more stability when carrying an expensive motorcycle over them from place to place.

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