How to Wheelie a Dirt Bike 4 Stroke

If you are a novice to dirt bike riding and want to start with something easy to learn, then the 4 stroke dirt bike might be what you’re looking for. Unlike two-stroke bikes that need more maintenance and have higher emissions, four-strokes are known for their reliability and easier on your wallet.

How to Wheelie a Dirt Bike 4 Stroke

They also provide more torque than two-stroke bikes which means they will accelerate faster and reach speeds quicker. Today I am going to discuss how to wheelie a 4 stroke dirt bike. Performing wheelie on dirt is quite exciting. It’s a simple trick, but it can be difficult to master.

The key is all in the timing. Practice with the technique we are going to discuss, and before long, you will have mastered the art of balancing just about anything on one wheel. 

What is Wheelie?

Wheelie is a motorcycle stunt in which the front wheel comes off the ground and does not return to contact with it. Wheelies are often executed on lower-powered motorcycles, such as those used for dirt bike racing; they can also be done by high-performance street bikes, especially when ridden at low speeds or during stoppages in traffic.

The name originates from an era of motorcycling (colloquially referred to as “the golden age”) where riders would attempt to show their supremacy by balancing the motorcycle perfectly upright on just two wheels without any use of engine power – hence ‘wheeling’ around.

Safety Precautions Before Performing Wheelie

Before attempting a wheelie, take these precautions to ensure safety. First and foremost, wear protective gear: helmet, boots, gloves. If performing in a closed-off location with no spectators or other riders present, it is recommended that you also use eye protection such as goggles for complete defense against all possibilities of injury.

Next, check the surface conditions on which you are riding; if there is any chance that your tires will lose traction (such as loose dirt), then be careful not to apply throttle until after completing the maneuver so that the tire does not spin out from beneath the motorcycle causing the rider to crash.

Safety Precautions Before Performing Wheelie dirt bike

All electrical devices should be turned off before beginning this maneuver; even though during normal operation, most motorcycles do not have anything plugged into them while being ridden standing up, there is always the chance that something could come loose and stick out.

Detailed Process on How to Perform Wheelie on a Dirt Bike 

  • First, you’ll need a dirt bike with good suspension and an engine that is powerful enough. Typically 250 cc bikes are used for wheelies because they have more power than the smaller 125cc engines.
  • Place your hands on the front brake lever while letting off the rear brakes to ensure it won’t skid out on some loose surfaces.
  • Stand in between the bike’s frame and keep your feet flat against both sides of it as if riding normally.
  • Push down hard and pull up at top speed until wheels rise about 12 inches high from ground level but don’t let go too early or risk flipping over backward because this will cause you to lose control of how much force needs to be exerted when pushing back on the handlebar
  • Keep your back straight as if sitting on a chair and keep calm while holding this position for about two seconds before bringing yourself back to the normal riding position.

The best part of wheelies is that they last just an instant, and it’s hard to tell who did them because there’s no evidence left behind! You can also learn how to do 360s in open spaces, which are much more difficult but give the rider bragging rights.

Expert’s Opinions on Performing Wheelie on A Dirt Bike

Wheelies are a great way to show off your bike’s power and handling skills. They are also an excellent way of boosting your speed during a race. Wheelie is the process by which you balance two wheels with one wheel in front while moving forward.

The rear wheel provides most of the balance, and as long as it is over its center-line (running parallel), there should be enough traction to prevent any loss of control or sliding out from under rider weight at higher speeds.

A four-stroke dirt bike possesses more than adequate torque for this task; however, achieving a perfectly stable position whilst performing such a stunt requires expert opinion and practice.

Key Considerations While PErfroming Wheelie

  • The rider must have a good stance on the bike.
  • The wheelie should be done in one, smooth motion.
  • It is important to use your quadriceps muscles for stability and balance while performing Wheelies with a dirtbike.
  • Control can also be achieved by using both of your hands to grip tightly onto the handlebars once you are prepared to do this stunt. You will most likely want to start off small when practicing so that you avoid any accidents!
  • Once enough time has passed it will become easier and more natural making it possible for riders such as yourself who are still learning how to perform Wheelies safely without risking injury or even death.
What is Wheelie

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Way to Keep Your Balance and Control During a Wheelie?

The best way to keep your balance and control during a wheelie is by using the handlebars. The front brake should be used as necessary, but it’s not advisable to use both brakes at once.
Holding off on braking until you’re sure of what you’ll need can help tremendously control your bike when coming back down from a wheelie.

What Is The Best Place for Performing a Wheelie?

When performing a wheelie, you need to find an area with plenty of space for your bike’s front end to catch air. The best place is a large open field with few obstacles in the way.

If possible, avoid areas with parked cars or other potential obstacles because they could cause serious injury if you crash into them at high speeds. When practicing wheelies on dirt roads, drive first so that the tire tracks will be undisturbed and make it easier when attempting a stunt such as this one.

Which Age Is Suitable For Performing Wheelie?

The answer to this question is different for every rider. It depends on the following factors: your size, how heavy you are, and whether or not you have had any experience in performing a wheelie previously.

The most important thing about doing a wheelie right is anticipating it before actually starting one up (and then being able to control your bike).

When learning how to do a wheelie by default, most people will start with either pushing their legs out from underneath them while sitting down in the dirt bike seat or standing on their tippy-toes when riding upright.

How Long Does it Take for a Beginner to Learn Wheelie?

For the average rider, it takes about three hours. It’s possible in half of that time if they have some riding experience and are already comfortable with their balance point.

The most important thing is to practice different points where you can feel yourself lifting off the ground and getting air at different speeds from slow into fast inputs.
Different techniques will work better than others depending on your bike’s characteristics and what type of terrain you’re going over, so experiment.

Some riders find success by focusing on picking up speed after inputting an opposite steering motion or vice versa while both tires stay planted to the ground.


In conclusion, we hope that this article has been informative and that you now know how to wheelie a dirt bike. This will help you to perform a well-maintained wheelie. But as a rider, you must maintain all the safety precautions while performing this stunt. Thank you and have a nice day.

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