Best Dirt Bike Chain and Sprockets

Being a biker means you need to learn more things than just how to ride the bike. It is more important when you are a dirt bike rider. Dirt biking requires you to commit to various things, and taking care of the bike is the most important of all. Taking care does not mean you have to clean the bike regularly after a ride. Of course, it is necessary if you do not want to ride a dirt bike and have slow performance. Replacing the gears when they are in need is another important thing you need to learn. Therefore, this segment is here to recommend the best dirt bike chain and sprocket.

Best Dirt Bike Chain and Sprockets

Just like all the other gears of your dirt bike, the chain and sprockets also need to be replaced once they reach their limit. There is no way they will stay intact and work fine for the rest of the life. After using it for a while, they will reach their limit, and you need to get a replacement.

As you can already guess, there are tons of products and brands available, and it can get very daring to find the perfect product for your dirt bike. As these gears are interlinked with the performance of your bike, you need to find the right product. Here we will recommend the top ten best dirt bike chain and sprockets with some additional information. So, keep on reading.

Best Dirt Bike Chain and Sprockets

RuTu 420 17T 17mm Front Engine Sprocket

The first product we have for you is the RuTu 420 17T 17mm Front Engine Sprocket.
This sprocket from RuTu has gained a lot of positive reviews for fitting a lot of bikes. However, there are some complaints about the product not fitting bikes. According to the description, if you have a dirt bike of 50cc, 70cc, 110cc, 125cc, 140cc, or 160cc, this sprocket will surely fit and work the best for your dirt bike.

This sprocket is 420 chains with 17T, which is suitable for a lot of bikes. However, it would be best if you were careful about the fitting all the time. It has a shaft measurement of 17mm eye to eye. The whole sprocket is made out of high-quality iron material. So, it would help if you were worry-free because you are getting a reliable product. With this sprocket, you are also getting holders and bolts to make the installation process easy for you.


  • Made with high-quality iron
  • It fits most of the bikes
  • It comes with holders and bolts
  • Easy to install


  • Some people complained about the loose-fitting of the sprocket

D.I.D 520ATV-130 Gold 130-Link High-Performance X-Ring Chain

If you are looking for a chain with both x and o ring bikes, this D.I.D 520ATV-130 Gold 130-Link High-Performance X-Ring Chain will be a good option.

This chain is made out of high-quality material, which will provide you the best performance and longevity that you want from your bike chain. It is a redesigned version of a 520DZ chain, where the main focus is to give this 520DZ2 chain a wear life of twice the inspired one. The longevity can last four times more than the other chains in the same condition.

This chain is mainly designed for all sorts of off-road ridings. However, you can use it on your dirt bike as well as other motorbikes and ATVs. It is a lightweight 520 chain, which will benefit your ride to the best. This chain is suitable for all rides up to 450cc displacement, and it is going to provide 7870 lbs. of tensile strength. The chain has a golden-colored outer portion, and the inner part is black-linked. A fantastic thing about this chain is that it has both o and x shaped tiny pieces of rubber in between the ring, which will keep all the dirt away to stop the reduction of horsepower. It also comes with all the master connecting links.


  • Four times more longevity
  • Designed for all sorts of off-road bikes
  • Lightweight design
  • Has gold-colored outer and black inner links
  • Keeps dirt away


  • Few people complained that it does not work with x-ring

420 Chain 102 Link with Connecting Master Link

We have the following option for you: the 420 Chain 102 Link with Connecting Master Link, which is another high-quality chain with lots of positive reviews.

This chain is one of the standard 420 chains you can find in the market, but it is without an o-ring seal. So, if that is what you are looking for, this will be a great option due to the perfect features. This chain is constructed with high-quality alloy steel. The material and the construction will help the chain perform a high-grade and professional performance that will make your dirt bike riding the best experience. It also comes in color black.

This chain is suitable for 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, 110cc, and 125cc dirt bikes and ATVs. If you own a Honda XR50 or CRF50, this chain will also suit your bike nicely, and you do not have to worry. The chain has 120 links and will come with a master link for you to install correctly. Many people find this chain a bit longer, but you can cut some of the pins to make it shorter for this case.


  • Made with alloy steel
  • Durable and high-quality
  • Suitable for 50 to 125 cc bikes and ATVs
  • Has 120 links
  • Easy to install


  • May need to manual shorten it

R.K. Racing Chain GB420MXZ120 120-Links Gold MX Chain with Connecting Link

As for the next recommendation from our list, we have the R.K. Racing Chain GB420MXZ120 120-Links Gold MX Chain with Connecting Link to suggest you.

When you are looking for a chain for your dirt bike, you would want to buy something solid and stable for a long time, and this chain will fulfill that wish for you. This chain is made with Chromoly steel. The construction used the seamless roller and brush to make the chain solid and stable. It has about 5000 pounds of tensile strength per foot.

Among all the 420 chains, this 420MXZ chain has the most substantial value and will provide the perfect performance you look for. It is lightweight and has gold polish on it to make it look cooler. In addition, the whole chain has an oversized unique alloy pin that will add to the strength of the chain. Finally, all of the components used in this chain are heat-treated with R.K.’s unique Heat Induction Transfer process.


  • Made with Chromoly steel
  • Has alloy pin for securing the chains
  • Solid and stable with high-quality performance
  • Components are heat-treated
  • Has 5000 lbs tensile strength


  • Some people complained about the chain breaking easily

JFG RACING Green Drive Chain 520 X Ring 120-Links Heavy Duty Racing Chain

The next one that we have found to worth trying is the JFG RACING Green Drive Chain 520 X Ring 120-Links Heavy Duty Racing Chain.

This chain is a suitable one for all sorts of ATV motorcycles that has a 520 standard sprocket. The design of this chain includes 120 links that will fit all kinds of bikes. The construction offers you a high-quality performance with a lightweight design. It will perform the best with will off-road recreational ridings.

Riding a dirt bike will require a lot of strength as it will go through some challenging conditions. This chain is excellent and has bushings that will provide lots of strength and durability, applied for all riding states. The construction is so robust that this roller chain will offer you allowable working loads that can provide a great carrying capability and delivery. The chains will come pre-stretched and shot-peened.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made to withstand all condition
  • Suitable for most dirt bikes with 520 standard sprocket
  • It can hold a lot of loads
  • A chain comes in pre-stretched and shot-peened


  • A lot of people said the color wears out easily

D.I.D 520MX-88 Gold 88-Link High-Performance Heavy Duty Chain with Connecting Link

The next product from our list is the D.I.D 520MX-88 Gold 88-Link High-Performance Heavy Duty Chain with Connecting Link.

This chain is the second D.I.D chain from our recommendation, and it is from the 520MX series. This chain I know to provide 4.4 times longer performance and durability than any standard chain going through the same condition. This is a non-o-ring chain, which has a higher tensile strength with high-quality performance. With this chain, you will get a maximum of 500cc engine displacement. The tensile strength you will get with this chain is 8930lbs., which is a lot more than other chains.

The chain is suitable to run for any muddy condition. It is constructed with a tough chromium carbide layer and treated with D.I.D’s SDH pin treatment, which is very high quality. Although the upper surface is hard and strong, the inner portion is softer to provide better performance. The pins have high impact-resistant skills with a good shock absorption quality. The whole chain is created to be wear-resistant and anti-oxidation properties. You will get the master link included with this.


  • Made with chromium carbide layer
  • Has SDH pin treatment
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Has high tensile strength
  • Impact and wear-resistant


  • It is costly

R.K. Racing Chain GB420MXZ120 120-Links Gold MX Chain with Connecting Link

The next one we have for you is the R.K. Racing Chain GB420MXZ120 120-Links Gold MX Chain with Connecting Link.

This is our second recommendation from R.K. Racing Chain, and if you liked the previous one, you would also like it. This chain is very budget-friendly and works the best off-road bikes. This chain is constructed with Chromoly steel and is very lightweight, which is an excellent option for your dirt bike. It has a gold color and is built with seamless rollers and bushings.

The whole chain has oversized alloy pins, which is going to provide more strength to the chain. The tensile strength it has to offer is about 5000 lbs. per foot. This chain is made with all components that have been treated with heat-treatment using the R.K.’s H.I.T process. This chain is a 420MX chain, which is very strong and will work the best for MX racing. With the 120 links, it will work for most bikes. But some of you might need to cut it a bit short if the chain is a bit longer.


  • Made with Chromoly steel
  • Has alloy pins
  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight design
  • Budget-friendly


  • It is a little bit long

Regina 90RH2/70 415RH2-70 Link Gold Chain

If you want to get the best budget deal with a high-quality product, this Regina 90RH2/70 415RH2-70 Link Gold Chain will become one of your most priorities out of all the mentioned products.

This chain is a 415 RH2 chain, which will be suitable best for off-road dirt bikes. If you are looking for a chain that can withstand severe stresses and many impacts, then this chain is the answer for you. It is developed with all the components best to withstand challenging situations. When you look at the chain, you will be mesmerized by the perfect golden color. It has large diameter alloy carbon steel pins with thick plates, which will make the chain very strong and resistant to impacts.

Not only is this chain good with strength, but it is also going to last for a long time. It has extended bushing with solid rollers that will provide high durability and wear resistance. It is suitable for Supermoto and motocross, which has up to 500cc. The whole can has 35 inches measurement. So, if it becomes a little big for you, you need to cut off few pieces easily.


  • Made with alloy carbon steel pins
  • Has thick plates
  • High tensile strength
  • Durable and wear-resistant
  • 35 inches long
  • affordable


  • Some said the plates are too big

Sprocket Hub Wheel Bushing Screw Rear Wheel Rubber Dampers

We have a sprocket to suggest to you in our next product recommendation, and it is the Sprocket Hub Wheel Bushing Screw Rear Wheel Rubber Dampers.

When buying a sprocket package for your dirt bike, things can get a little tougher as you need to find something that will be suitable for your bike. You do need to find the right product for your bike to provide you the best performance. This sprocket from Sprocket Hub Wheel is of the best when it comes to quality, performance, and strength.

This sprocket is suitable for dirt bikes, which are 70cc, 90cc, 100cc, ad 125cc. So, if this matches your bike’s description, you can get this product without any worries. This sprocket is known to impact bearing and will work the best to give you durable and high-quality performance. The bolt has an 80mm hole, and the inner diameter is about 64mm. With all these features, you will be able to get a good result from this sprocket and enjoy your dirt bike riding sessions.


  • Suitable for most off-road dirt bikes
  • Can bear a lot of impacts
  • High-quality material made
  • Durable and lightweight


  • A little expensive

Sunstar 2-130836 36-Teeth 420 Chain Size Rear Steel Sprocket

As for the final product from our list of the best dirt bike chain and sprockets, we are going to recommend you the Sunstar 2-130836 36-Teeth 420 Chain Size Rear Steel Sprocket.

Although it is in the very last position on our list, this sprocket is also very high-quality and will surely impress you with all the features it has to offer. This sprocket is an O-ring sprocket that is made with high carbon and 1056 steel material. The material used for constructing the sprocket is very high-quality and will provide excellent performance.

The whole sprocket has gone through exclusive heat treatment to get better wear quality and strength. It has zinc plating and is made with baked-on paint, which is going to provide a long-lasting appearance and durability. Overall, the sprocket is very durable and can withstand every challenging condition.


  • Made with high carbon and 1045 steel
  • Gone through heat treatment
  • Long-lasting quality and appearance
  • Strong and stable
  • Has zinc plating


  • It does not come with the necessary equipment

Types of Dirt Bike Chain

When you are going to buy some equipment for your dirt bike, you need to learn about them properly to get the right product suitable for your bike. Not only do you need to check for the quality of the product, but you also need to know the types and features that you need as well. For example, when it comes to dirt bike chains, there are two types of them. Therefore, you need to understand the types and know which one is suitable for your bike. The two types of bike chains are-

Types of Dirt Bike Chain

O-Ring Chain

O-ring chains are a type of chain that has rings separating the joints from coming in contact. These are shaped in O designs, and their main work is to protect the chain joins. One problem with these chains is that they cause a lot of friction to happen. When there is too much friction, it will reduce the power of the motorcycle and prevent it from running smoothly. But a lot of people prefer O-rings as it makes the chain more substantial and durable.

Unsealed Design

Unlike the O-ring chain, these unsealed designed chains do not cause friction, allowing the bike to run smoothly and with all the power manifested. This type of chain is suitable for most of the bike. One thing about these chains is that they need lubricants to work correctly. Another thing you need to check is the size of the chain to match your bike’s requirement.

How To Choose A Dirt Bike Sprocket

Choosing the right gear for your bike will provide you with a great outcome. Not only that your bike will be able to show its best performance, but you will also be able to ride with your utmost pleasure. One important gear for your dirt bike is the chains and sprocket. The quality and the ability of these gear will tell you how well the bike will perform on the field. Hence, you need to learn about them and choose the right one for your bike.

The first thing you need to do is to find the right sprocket for your bike. Next, you need to know what type of sprocket and chain will suit the bike and provide good quality. The type is the most crucial of all the factors as it will lead to the ultimate decision.

Of course, you need to look out for the quality as well. You do not want to buy something that has any less quality than other products. You need to see the description of the product correctly to get a clear idea about the quality.

Last but not least, sizing is also important. You need to see if the size you are buying is suitable for your bike or not. Whatever you buy, you always need to check if the product is good for your bike or not. You do not want to get an immediate replacement or want to change the product frequently.

Change Sprocket Size Increase Speed?

When it comes to the performance of dirt bikes, various myths are going around. But the question is, which myths are true and which are not! Definitely, all the myths are not going to work for everyone. But some of them can go well more than bad. One of the most asked questions is, does changing the sprocket of the bike increase speed?

Well, yes, it does, but you need to know the right way to do that. To increase your bike speed by changing the sprocket, you cannot just change according to your liking. Instead, it would be best if you made some calculated change. The rear sprocket of the bike should have a reduced size than the front sprocket. To increase the bike’s speed, you need a bigger front sprocket and a smaller rear sprocket.

By doing this, you can create more rpm for your bike than it was before. It happens as the larger front and smaller rear sprocket will lower the ratio for the bike and allow it to have a better speed than before.

Replace Chain and Sprocket

Owning a bike means you have the responsibility to take care of it and keep the maintenance in check all the time. If you want your dirt bike to work all the time correctly, nothing will beat owning the dirt bike up to date with all the necessary equipment. It is always better to do the repair or replacement work before the equipment gets into too bad condition.

Replace Chain and Sprocket

When it comes to chains and sprocket, you should always replace them before reaching their final stages. There are few ways to know when you need to change them. If you notice that that sprocket of your dirt bike has leaning teeth, cupping at the base, or tooth wear, these are signs that it needs a replacement.

And for the chain, if you see it developing a flat pattern, having rust, corrosion, and any other problem with the pins, you have to change them immediately. Another easy way to check is to see the distance between the nails, and if it is too much, that means there is some problem.

It is always better to change the gears that are interlinked with each other together. If you only change the chain, not the sprocket, then there is a chance that the chain will not be able to perform properly, and the durability will decrease due to the bad sprocket. So, change both of them together.

Considerations When Choosing The Best Dirt Bike Chain And Sprockets

Buying any product needs a lot of consideration. But when it comes to your bike gears, which are linked with the bike’s performance and your safety, you need to make sure that you are getting the best product by considering all the necessary facts when making the purchase.
When it comes to chains and sprockets, there are few things you need to keep in mind when finding the right product. Without these having in your mind, you will certainly not find the right product and use the money properly. The things you need to consider are-


The first thing you have to focus on is the type of chain and sprocket you want. We have already discussed the types of chains. Now you have to understand the features they are offering you and what will be the suitable one for your bike. After taking proper consideration, you can start looking for them.


Before everything, you should focus on the quality of the product. By quality, we meant the product’s material and how well it can perform for your bike. A good quality product will immediately bring many changes to your bike’s performance, and you will not have to worry about frequent replacement.


The last thing you should be worried about is the sizing. Although it might not be the most focused thing to consider, you still need to know the proper sizing of your bike. Without it, you will be more confused when replacing the chains and sprockets of your dirt bike.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the best dirt bike chain and sprocket. We hope the answers will help you to clear any confusion.

Who Makes the Best Dirt Bike Sprockets?

We have already mentioned some of the best brands of sprockets and chains for your dirt bike. But the decision entirely depends on what you find to be most beneficial. Among the names we have mentioned, R.K. and D.I.D stood out the best to us.

Who Makes the Best Dirt Bike Sprockets

What Type of Chain Is Best for a Dirt Bike?

There are two types of chains, and are O-ring and unsealed designs. According to us, unsealed designs are the best type of chain as it allows your bike to have better performance and increases the speed profoundly.

What’s the Best Sprocket Size?

To get the best benefit out of the sprocket, you should get a larger frontal sprocket and a smaller rear sprocket, which will help you increase the speed on your bike by giving more rpm to the engine.

What Is the Best Sprocket Ratio to Make a Dirt Bike Faster?

As we mentioned, to make your dirt bike faster, you need a more prominent front sprocket and a smaller rear sprocket. The count should be done with one front sprocket teeth, and you need to reduce 2-3 posterior sprocket teeth.

How Do You Know if Your Motorcycle Sprocket Is Worn?

There are many ways to find out if your motorcycle sprocket is worn and needs a replacement. First, the signs of a new sprocket will be written on the teeth of the sprocket. If you notice that the teeth of the sprocket are leaning over, teeth are wearing out, or some cupping at the base of the teeth, you need to change them immediately.

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That was all about the best dirt bike chain and sprocket. Having a dirt bike and being a rider is a great responsibility. You should care for your safety and the quality of the bike as it is interlinked with your own safety. Therefore, staying up with appropriate gear all the time is a must thing to do as a dirt bike rider. Finding the suitable chains and sprocket will allow you to have the best dirt bike riding experience you can ever ask for.

Once you learn how to choose the best options, you will not worry about anything anymore. We have tried our best to recommend you the best products we could find. Not only that, but we also tried to provide more information to help you choose the product. We can only hope this information will be beneficial for you and you will be able to get the best result out of these.

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