How to Test a Dirt Bike Stator

In this article, we will discuss how to test a dirt bike stator in detail. A dirt bike stator is a component that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. As such, it is one of the most important components of a dirt bike. This guide will teach you how to test the dirt bike stator for continuity. This is a simple task that anyone can do! Read on for more information about this process and where to go if there are any problems with your stator.

How to Test a Dirt Bike Stator

What is a Stator?

A stator is a common component in electric motors. The most important function of the stator is to provide a rotating magnetic field, which then generates electricity for use as power by an external load or motor connected downstream from it.

A dirt bike stator is a device found in the engine of dirt bikes that converts mechanical energy into electrical power, and it’s what generates electricity to run the lights on your motorcycle and other accessories. With an electric motor, one part called the ‘stator’ produces magnetic fields while another component downstream from it called the ‘rotor’ turns in response.

What is a Stator

This article will discuss how to test a dirt bike stator with your multimeter and what voltage you should be looking for.

Things You’ll Need

  • A multimeter
  • Wire strippers
  • Nsulated pry bar
  • Electrical tape
  • A Phillips head screwdriver (optional)

Instructions: How to Test a Dirt Bike Stator

Step One – Disconnect the dirt bike stator from any other components. Next, remove all bolts and nuts, holding them in place until only one bolt or nut remains connected.

Step Two – Get your multimeter ready! Connect the black probe of your meter to the negative terminal on the battery.

Step Three – Connect your red probe to one of the wires connected to your dirt bike stator and ensure that it is secure but not touching any metal pieces or anything else around you. You will want to move this wire, so there is some slack in-between them for safety purposes!

How to Test a Dirt Bike Stator

Step Four – Finally, turn on your multimeter. Set it to read the voltage with a DC setting and measure what you get! If this reading is not close to 12 volts or even 13 volts, then there are problems with your stator.

If there was an issue with the readings, try checking other wires connected to your dirt bike stator. If you find that the voltage is much lower than what it should be, there might have been an issue with your dirt bike stator, and a new one may need to be purchased!

Step Five – Label all of the wires connected to your dirt bike stator before disconnecting them so they can go back to their proper place!

Step Six – Disconnect the wires from your dirt bike stator, starting with the ones that are connected to the battery. Make sure you have a well-insulated pry bar or screwdriver for this!

Step Seven – Remove all of the bolts holding on your dirt bike stator and take it out. Clean off any corrosion or dirt using an old toothbrush and make sure that you have enough room to work.

Step Eight – Find the defective wire by checking your readings again! If there was still a problem, it could be due to bad connections in other parts of the wiring system, which will need repair. If not, reassemble everything how it was before you started!

You Can Check It Out to Test a Stator with A Multimeter

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Methods to Test a Dirt Bike Stator?

We use our multimeter to test a dirt bike stator for voltage using two different methods. One is connecting leads of a digital voltmeter or analog voltmeter around the armature coils and reading their measured voltage on the meter’s display as it rotates past them.

Another is disconnecting leads from the bike’s battery posts and connecting them around the armature coils, then measuring voltage as it rotates past.

How Do You Know if the Stator Is Bad on a Dirt Bike?

A: If it is not turning at all, there might be a problem with the connections on the armature coil or elsewhere in the wiring. Check these first and make sure they are connected properly!

If this does not work, you need to re-assemble everything as it was before you started testing. You may also want to test the stator with another bike to ensure it isn’t a problem with your wiring.


It’s important to test the stator on your dirt bike if you’re experiencing a dead battery or other electrical problems. If this is something that you’ve never done before, don’t worry!

This guide will help you on how to test a dirt bike stator with instructions and pictures that will walk you through everything step by step. If you want more in-depth information about how to do this, please contact us today! We’re happy to help.

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