Best Dirt Bike Stand

As an owner of the dirt bike stand, you will start to feel the urge to learn the basic repair techniques for your dirt bike. You are bound to get tired of taking it to the repair shop or asking for help. As time passes, it becomes necessary for you to learn the techniques. When you start your journey of doing so, one item you will need is the bike stand. Here we are going to suggest to you the top ten best dirt bike stand.

Best Dirt Bike Stand

Repairing your bike is bring a sense of pride to you once your start. Your passion for riding a dirt bike will automatically urge you to learn everything, and once you start, you will find the need to own all the equipment needed as well. Among everything, having a bike stand is a must. Therefore, you should get one before everything else.

The stand is critical if you want to work efficiently. The stand will allow you to get access to parts quickly and help you keep your bike protected as well. That is why everyone gets a bike stand as soon as they decide to do their work. There are various types of dirt bike stands available, and it could get very confusing for you to choose one. That is why we have piled up the best ones with all features for you. So, keep reading ahead to know the best dirt bike stand.

Best Dirt Bike Stand

Extreme Max 5001.5044 1000 lbs. Motorcycle Scissor Jack

The first product that we are going to recommend to you is the Extreme Max 5001.5044 1000 lbs. Motorcycle Scissor Jack will provide the best service to you in the name of stability and strength.

This bike stand is what you need to carefully lift your bike and do your work in the best way possible. It can extend up to 14 inches according to height. The whole thing is made from a heavy-duty steel frame to easily allow the users to do heavy work. The stand is going to offer you 1100 lbs. weight capacity with excellent stability.

It is created with the scissor jack model, which will allow you to use it with ease and strength. The surface area is wide enough to hold any big size motorbike easily. As the surface is also padded with rubber paddings, it will prevent any contact between the metals and protect your bike from scratches and other harms.

The size of the stand is slim-fitted, making it easy for you to fit under your ride and carry around easily. The height of the stand is also perfect, with the collapsed size being 3-3/8 inches. As for the extended height will allow you to do all the things quickly and without any disturbance. The stand is easily hand-operated, which can be done with a 7/87 inches socket or wrench. You need to buy the socket/ wench separately, and it is advised not to use an impact wrench or power drill in this case.


  • Made with heavy-duty steel frame
  • Has rubber padding on the platform
  • Durable and stable
  • Easy hand operated with socket or wrench
  • Extended height is 14 inches
  • 1100 lbs. weight capacity


  • Not as durable as mentioned

Excel PST-004 Gold Universal Triangle Motorcycle Stand

We have the following option for you: the Excel PST-004 Gold Universal Triangle Motorcycle Stand.

This is a triangle stand, known to be the easiest operated and inexpensive stand you might find. But here is the thing about triangle stands; they might not be the best option to lift your heavy motorbikes. It is more likely suitable for dirt bikes, so you will surely love this triangle motorcycle stand from Excel if you are using it for the exact reason. This stand is made with a welded tip, which you can fit in the axle of virtually any bike that is 80cc to 500cc ground pounders.

This bike stand is constructed using high-quality, heavy-duty steel. The whole stand is coated with zinc that is going to prevent any rust and corrosion from harming the outer portion of it and make it durable. The stand does not take any space, which is the reason it will save space. It also does not accept any assembling so that you can use it easily and quickly. The stand is made to have a universal fitment, and as mentioned earlier, it is the most cost-efficient stand you will find in the market.


  • Made with heavy-duty steel
  • Has zinc coating on top
  • Welded tip to fit any bike axle virtually
  • Space-saving
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Cost-efficient


  • It might not be best for heavier bikes

JFG RACING Motorcycle Dirt Bike Lift Jack Hoist Stand

The next option we will suggest you for lifting your bike up is the JFG RACING Motorcycle Dirt Bike Lift Jack Hoist Stand, which is another great option from our list.

This bike stand comes with a deck, which is fully adjustable in height, allowing you to fit any kind of bike you want. The range given to you for adjusting is between 25.2 cm to 46 cm. there is a lock nut that you can use to secure the top plate that will ensure safety when you are working with your bike on top of it. With this stand, you will get a weight capacity of 150 kg. The top plate comes with a 28 cm size.

The stand is very easy to use and assemble as you do not need to have any additional instrument to set it up. There is a safety pin connected to the arm that will help you during the time, and you will not have a chance of getting lost. The whole stand is made out of solid steel, making it durable and stable. An anti-slip pad on top of the plate will hold the bike from slipping when you are working. The whole thing will allow you to control the lifting of any off-road motorcycle easily.


  • Adjustable deck height
  • Has anti-slip padding
  • Easy and quick assemble
  • Made with solid steel
  • Easy to control the lifting
  • Locknut to ensure safety


  • Less weight capacity

Motorcycle Jack Dirt Bike Stand

The next one from our suggestion is this Motorcycle Jack Dirt Bike Stand.

This is another easy to use with a stable-designed motorcycle stand that will make your work quick and easy. With this stand, you will get a fully adjustable deck height that will allow you to lift any bike that has a maximum weight of 150kg. You will get to control and efficiently operate this stand and work on any off-road motorcycle that you have to work. The stand is made with solid steel that is very durable and strong. The build is very stable and will allow you to work without any difficulties.

The top plate of the stand can be secured with a lock nut that will ensure the safety of you and the motorcycle by keeping the stand locked and stable when you are working. The plate is also covered in durable anti-slip padding that will prevent the bike from slipping. It is easy to assemble with the safety pin connecting to the arm that will not get lost. With everything, this is one of the most easy-to-use bikes stands you will find.


  • Constructed with solid steel
  • Has top plate lock nut security
  • Anti-slip pad on the top plate
  • Durable and stable
  • Fully adjustable deck height


  • It is a little small

YITAMOTOR Adjustable Motorcycle Dirt Bike Lift Stand

The next option we have for you is the YITAMOTOR Adjustable Motorcycle Dirt Bike Lift Stand.
This bike lift stand is quite similar in terms of quality to the previous two we have suggested. You will find a lot of similar features, and if you liked those two, you would surely like them as well.

This Yitamotor stand bike also has a fully height adjustable deck that will allow you to fit any motorbike you need to work on. Primarily, it is extremely good for dirt bikes. The stand is constructed with high-grade steel that is strong and stable. The whole of this is powder-coated, which makes it resistible to rust and corrosion so that you can use it for a long time.

The top plate is adjustable, and it can be secured with a lock nut that will ensure safety when you are working with lifting the bikes. The scale is also covered with a durable anti-slip pad that will stop the bike from slipping from the top.

The stand has a capacity of 150kg. It comes with a large lever that will help you avoid pinched fingers and strained shoulders. It is effortless to assemble with the safety pin connected to the arm; you will have a good time using this stand.


  • Fully height adjustable deck
  • Mad with high-grade steel
  • Has powder coated top
  • The top plate has anti-slip padding
  • It has a large lever design
  • Easy to assemble


  • A little expensive

Goplus 300lb Motorcycle Lift Table

If you are looking to lift up big and heavy bikes, this Goplus 300lb Motorcycle Lift Table should be a good option for you.

The lift table or stand offers you the ability to bear 300 lbs. of weight capacity. The design goes the stand is hydraulic scissors that will easily tinker any bike you want, especially dirt bike and small motorcycles. The lifting height for this stand is about 15 inches to 38 inches maximum, which compares to the other stands from our list. The table is here to prevent you from kneeling or stooping when you want to work on your motorcycles.

The top of the table has a rubber padding platform that is going to prevent the motorbike you are working on from slipping or getting any damaged while accidentally coming in contact with the table.

Not only that the top has a non-slip rubber cover, but it also comes with a strong locking spring that will ensure safety and give you sturdy control of the table. You can lock the table on the height that you prefer when you are working. In addition, there is a foot pedal that will allow you to raise and lower the height and make things easy for you.


  • Made with heavy-duty steel
  • Stable and durable
  • Has rubber padding platform
  • Pedal operation for raising and lowering
  • Strong locking springs
  • Enough lifting height


  • Some people complained that the hydraulic ram leaks

RISK Racing 00381 ATS Adjustable Top Magnetic Motocross/Dirt Bike Stand

The next option we are going to suggest to you is the RISK Racing 00381 ATS Adjustable Top Magnetic Motocross/Dirt Bike Stand.

This one is a little different from all the stands that we have seen till now. It is unique in the sense that it comes with magnetic side panels. You can use this side panel to store bolts and tools that you need during the time you are working on fixing your motorcycle.

In addition, this stand has a fully adjustable top that is going to ensure you that the bike that you are working will sit perfectly and stably on top of the level. The stand is made with an anodized, CNC, aluminum turnbuckle level system.

The top of the stand is made to be oversized with a strong enough base to keep any size bike secured on the top stably. There is a drain hole in the center of the stand that will allow the oil to drain. The top also has durable non-slip rubber padding to keep the bike secure properly. The stand is made to be a universal fit for any bike to fit.


  • Made with steel
  • Strong and durable
  • Has magnetic side panels
  • Turnbuckle leveling system
  • Large oil drain hole in the middle
  • Oversized top and base


  • Some people complained that it is a bit too tall

BikeMaster Easy Lift & Lower Off-Road Motorcycle Jack Stand

The following option for the bike stand that we have for you is the BikeMaster Easy Lift & Lower Off-Road Motorcycle Jack Stand, which might be one of the few stands that will satisfy you with all the things you want in one single stand.

You are starting off the features with the adjustable deck height, which will give you the full adjustability. You can easily fine-tune it according to what you need to suit your bike perfectly. The stand can spin up and down, so all you need to do is keep your bike on top by adjusting the height and lock on the place that is suitable for you with the screw nut it comes with. After you lock it, you will not be able to spin the table anymore, which is suitable for safety.

There are other things for safety assurance as well. You will get a lever lock that will allow you to secure the whole thing into position. This lock is going to prevent any accidental disengagement when you are working. There is also an anti-slip pad on top of the deck, which will prevent the bike from slipping off the stand. With this bike, you will get a maximum lifting weight of 330 lbs. with an extended height of 17 ¾ inches. There is also a damper shock control to stop it from free falling.


  • Good height capacity
  • It can be spin up and down
  • Screw lock to lock the position
  • Safety level
  • Damper shock control for free falling
  • Anti-slip rubber padding


  • The stand is a bit heavy

Motorsport Products 92-4001 Silver P12 Adjustable Lift Stand

The next product that we are going to suggest to you is the Motorsport Products 92-4001 Silver P12 Adjustable Lift Stand.

This stand for motorcycle from Motorsports is made with aircraft aluminum, which is not only high-quality but also very durable and creates a stable base for the stand. This stand is going to give you a height position of 9 ½ inches to 14 ½ inches maximum, which might be a little less, but if you are using it on any small motorcycle, this works perfectly. The heavy-duty top plate will allow you to support any heavy or oversized bike that you need to work on with the wheel off of the ground.

It comes with an easily operated foot level that is going to allow anyone to use this stand for keeping their bike and working on them. The foot is activated with a release trigger with a nylon slider that will block lowering the bike.

The top of the stand is covered in an extra-thick rubber pad that will prevent the cycle from sliding or getting scratched. The legs of the stand have a flat end made with aluminum to give the stand a stable base. This stand is available in six different colors for you to choose from.


  • Made with aircraft aluminum
  • High-quality, durable, and stable
  • The flat end of legs for stability
  • Easy operated foot lever
  • Foot activated release trigger


  • There is no damper shock

Dr. Dry Red/Black HC2 Lift Stand

As for the final product from our list of the best dirt bike stand, we have the Dr. Dry Red/Black HC2 Lift Stand to recommend you.

This stand is specifically made for use on dirt bikes. Just like most of the lift stand from our recommendation, it also has height adjustability that will allow you to control the height according to your preference.

This stand is mainly designed for small and full-size dirt bikes, so you will not have to worry about if your bike stand will be suitable for this one or not. The lift stand comes with a damper shock control, which will prevent any sudden drop of the frame when you are working with total concentration. The damper will also allow the stand to have a safe landing.

The stand is made with high-quality steel that will not rust. The top plate of the stand is made to be adjustable to the height and has enough ground to fit the dirt bikes on top of it. The stand comes with easy-to-operate long levered, which is durable and doubled with a jack pedal. Unfortunately, the top plate does not have padding, so if you want one, you have to construct it for yourself.


  • Adjustable height
  • Has damper shock control
  • Prevents free fall with a safe landing
  • Easy to operate lever


  • It does not come with rubber padding

How Do You Secure A Dirt Bike On A Stand

Securing a dirt bike on a stand depends on what type of stand you are using. If you are using a typical kind of stand, then you probably have to make the dirt bike stand on top of the stand by yourself. But if it is a lifting stand and it comes with a lever, then you might have to just put the bike on the stand and let the rest of the work done by the stand itself.

How Do You Secure a Dirt Bike on a Stand

This means, with the help of a lever or any other mechanism, the frame will itself push the bike up or lift it up. Usually, when the cycle is on top of the stand, it will stay secured, but sometimes some shelves will require you to lock the bike on the position with some screw that is on the stand so that the bike will not budge when you are working on it.

Portable Vs. Collapsible Stand

There are various choices for you when it comes to the bike stand. You should be surprised to see the variation as they come in different shapes and needs. Each of the variations has its own unique style and benefits. There are two types of bike stand we know exist, which are portable and collapsible.

You might ask yourself, which one should you buy? Well, the difference is not that much. The portable bike stand is needed if you want to take your bike stand everywhere you go, which is very convenient as you might have to do some repair work out of nowhere, and with a portable one, you will have it easy. As for the collapsible one, there are various options as well. The collapsible one can be portable as well, but it depends on the design.

Types Of Dirt Bike Stands

With all the options we have suggested, one thing is probably clear to you that there are various types of bike stands. As we said earlier, the function for each is different, and you should choose the one according to your need. Typically, there are four types of bike stands that you can choose from. Each of the types has its unique features to provide you. Let us see what they are-

Triangle Stand

The first type is the triangle bike stand, which is known to be the most basic and cheapest stand. This is mainly for dirt bikes, which are less heavier than other motorbikes. With the triangle stand, you will have to put the bike on top. It will not lift the wheels off of the ground, though.

Fixed Stand

This is another common type of stand. This comes with a fixed position and height. To use this stand, you have to physically lift the hind of the bike and put the bike on top of the stand to be able to work on it. Everything on this bike is fixed, so you will not be able to customize anything.

Fixed Stand

Lift Stand

The most helpful stand that everyone buys is a lift stand. They are easy and convenient to use for any bike. It comes with a lever. To use it, you have to put the bike on it, and using the lever, you can lift the bike to work.

Hydraulic Scissors Lift Stand

The last type is the hydraulic scissors lift stand, which is the most expensive and used in the mechanic shops mostly. It will allow the bike to be lifted up to a workable height.

Dirt Bike Stand Buying Guide

When you are going to buy the dirt bike stand, there are some things you should consider before you can choose which one to buy. Buying a dirt bike can get very confusing if you do not know what you are looking for. With some of these features on your mind, you will find it easy to decide which bike stand will be suitable for you.


The first thing to keep in mind is the type of bike stand you need. If you are someone who wants to repair your bike at home, you should go for a triangle or lift bike stands that do not require a professional level of skills. But if you are buying for a shop, then you should get something more workable.


Another essential thing to keep in mind is the safest option, which concerns you and your bike. The stand needs to come with all the security options to hold the motorcycle properly when it is lifted. There should be enough boundaries between the stand and the bike so that it will not get scratched.


The last thing you should look for is the quality. The quality includes the performance, durability, comfortability of working, and features. You should buy something made with high-quality material and has all the features you need in the stand to have a good time working.

How Can You Change Dirt Bike Stand

If you want to know how you can make any changes to your dirt bike using the stand, it is pretty simple. The work of the stand is to make it easy for you to do your work on the bike. Usually, when the bike is on the ground, it could get difficult for you to repair, change a tire, and even put oil on it. However, when you lift the bike using the stand, you will get access to everything quickly, and you will find every work is easy to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Dirt Bike Stand?

We have already suggested to you all the best dirt bike stands we could found. Among them, according to us, Extreme Max 5001.5044 1000 lbs. However, motorcycle Scissor Jack stands out the most as the best dirt bike stand.

What Is the Best Dirt Bike Stand

Why Put a Dirt Bike on a Stand?

The main reason to use a bike stand is to be able to work on the repairing of the bike easily. When the bike is on the ground, it will be harder for you to get access to specific pair like you cannot change a tire without lifting it. So that is why you need the stand.

How Tall Are Dirt Bike Stands?

The height of the bike stand depends on the individual stands. A stand can be 15 inches tall to 50 inches tall,

How Do You Put a Motocross Bike on a Stand?

Putting a motocross on a stand is as simple as the other ones. It solely depends on the stand you are usually. If the stand allows you to lift the bike automatically, then all you have to do is put the bike on the stand. But if the feature is not there, then you have to put it on the shelf physically.

How Do You Strap Down a Motorcycle?

If you want to strap down your motorcycle, you need the help of a ramp. Using the ramp, you can put the bike when you want to strap it down. Afterward, tighten everything up until it is secured


That was all for the best dirt bike stand. We hope that all the recommendations we gave you and all the information we added will come in handy for you. Owning a bike stand becomes necessary as you start to feel the need to repair your bike. That is why you should not hesitate or wait any longer to get your stand. Find the one that suits you the best and immediately purchase it.

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