Best Dirt Bike Tire Irons

Dirt biking is that type of sport, which requires you to know the basics of changing tires. Because once you start your dirt biking, the chances are that your tire might get puncture a lot more than you want. That is why you need to learn how to use all the tools to avoid asking for help every time you face any problem. To change the tire, the first thing you need is to have the right tools, and that is why we are here to suggest to you the best dirt bike tire irons that you can find in the market.

Best Dirt Bike Tire Irons

The tire irons are the most important tools when it comes to changing the tools. It is needed when you are going to separate the tire from the beam. Therefore, the tire irons must be strong and suitable to do a good job and not damage the tire. There are some chances that if you do not use a good tire iron, you might end up getting the tire damaged. That is why after doing research, we found the best dirt bike tire irons to recommend to you.

Best Dirt Bike Tire Irons

The options that we have chosen for you are given below with all the information and features needed.

Neiko 20600A Tire Spoon Levers, Motorcycle Bike Repair Tool

The first option that we found for you, which we think is one of the best dirt bike tire irons tools, is the Neiko 20600A Tire Spoon Levers, Motorcycle Bike Repair Tool.

These repair tools have a hardened steel spoon with a curved tip, allowing you a very strong, reliable prying leverage. This will help you to fix the damaged tire on your dirt bike quickly. There is a rubber handgrip on the tool’s handle, which will allow you to have a non-slip grip on the tool when you are working and allow you to control it the way you want.

There is flexible polypropylene rim protection on it, which protects your rim from all kinds of damage. The chrome shaft is polished to be more smooth so that it will prevent all the marring when you are wiping clean the dirt and oil of your dirt bike. The whole set is available with three tire spoons and two rim guards.


  • Has curved tip
  • Strong and reliable tire tool
  • Rubber grip for control
  • Protects the rim to the best
  • It prevents all sorts of marring
  • Comes with three tire spoon and two rim guards


  • Few people said the spoon flaked off easily

CORE TOOLS CT116 Tire Iron Set

The next option we have for you is the CORE TOOLS CT116 Tire Iron Set. This set has all the essential things you need for changing the tires of your dirt bike.

The set includes a 16 inches curved tire iron with two 8 ½ inches tire irons with the best quality you can ask for. If you are struggling with tough tires to change easily, the 16 inches tire iron will be the best option to overcome the trouble. With the 8 ½ inches tire irons holding the beads in place, you will find these tools solving your headache in a second.

Both of the tools on the set have one flat end that will allow you to hold them in your hand correctly and the other with prying with a curve to get a better grip on the bead. I-beam cross-sections on the tools to help increase strength and resist bending without adding any weight. They are all made with high-quality drop-forged steel to get the best result.


  • Made with high-quality forged steel
  • It has a 16 inch and 8 ½ inches tire iron
  • Provide excellent leverage and perfect holding
  • I-beam cross-section for strength and hold


  • Some said they are best for light-duty

Ken-Tool Yanzhen Tool Tire Iron Set, Small

The next one that we recommend you fix your dirt bike off-road tire is the Ken-Tool Yanzhen Tool Tire Iron Set, Small.

If you are looking for tools that you can use for repairing small tires on your dirt bike, this one set might be the best for you. The Ken-tool has many good reviews of its stability and sturdiness; we believe they will highly benefit you. All the featured tools here are made with high-quality material to give you the best study option. The devices will be suitable to repair any small tire work that you can try to do with a screwdriver, which might not be the best option.

The tools are also very comfortable to use as well. They have plastic handles, allowing you to get a strong and comfortable grip on them when working. There are round ends of the set, which will never pinch the tube. You will get two tools on the set with different lengths and weights.


  • Made with high-quality material
  • Has plastic handle
  • Strong and comfortable grip
  • Round ends that do not pinch tube
  • Good for small tire


  • A lot of people think the plastic handle is cheap looking

Sumnacon Tire Levers Spoon Set

The next option we have found for your convenience is the Sumnacon Tire Levers Spoon Set to repair your dirt bike tire.

This lever set is what you need if you have more than one motorbike and want something to give you the best use of having one set of tools. These 11.5 inches lengths of leverage will allow you to get the tire repair in no seconds with a fantastic rim protector. The spoons are shaped perfectly and protectively so that your rims do not get scratched.

The handle of the tools is suitable for holding with a great grip as they have a moulded handle with a chrome finish. All the tools in the set are made with heavy-duty steel to perform the best during need. They are suitable for all kinds of work, and however you like them.


  • Suitable for all kinds of work on tire
  • Perfectly shaped end
  • It doesn’t scratch the rim
  • Moulded and chrome finish handle
  • Affordable


  • The tools are a bit too sharp

Three Spoon Motorcycle Tire Changer Levers Irons

The final options from our list of the best dirt bike tire irons are the Three Spoon Motorcycle Tire Changer Levers Irons.

If you are looking for an affordable option to fix your tires, they can be a great go. There are three pieces of tire lever on the set that includes spoons with rim protectors. The rim protectors are made with high-quality features to protect your wheel rims from scratches and dings.

All the tools on the set have hardened automotive-grade steel to work the best and last long with a chrome finish. These tools are perfect for changing any bike tire, which also includes dirt bikes. The set comes at a very affordable price and will last long for years.


  • Three pieces in one set
  • Offers spoons with rim protector
  • Made with hardened automotive-grade steel
  • Finished with chrome finish
  • Affordable price


  • Requires a lot of expertise to use

Things To Know Before Buying The Best Dirt Bike Tire Irons

When you buy your tire irons to repair your dirt bike, you need to make sure that the tools you are going to use are suitable enough for the tires and buy accordingly. There are few features that you always need to keep in your mind.

Things To Know Before Buying The Best Dirt Bike Tire Irons


The first thing you need to out for is the strength of the tools. You need to buy something that will not bend easily just by a bit of pressure. The devices have to be strong and stable to work their way through the repairment without getting any damage and be useful for other works.


Sometimes the tools might be a little too sharp and dangerous for your bike and you as well. It would be best if you bought a tool that will not damage the rim of your bike’s tire. The tools also have to be saved for you to work properly without getting hurt.


the next feature you need to keep in mind is the grip of the tools. The tools need to have a proper grip for you to work comfortably.

Dirt Bike Tire Changing Tools

There are some essential tools you need to have if you own a dirt bike. There are going to be times when the tire of your dirt bike will be damage or puncture. It would be best if you get to fix them yourself. The tools you will need to do that is-

  • You will need to have a spoon tyre iron to help you get the tire change when they are damaged.
  • You will need gloves to protect your hands when you are working on the tire
  • A deflator to get all the air out of the tire
  • A stand to keep the tire in a comfortable position which is not the ground
  • You might all need to have powder to get off the grease
  • And lastly, you will need new tires to change

How Do You Use Dirt Bike Tire Irons?

If you are going to change the tire of your dirt bike, you need to learn the proper way to use the tire irons in your dirt bike. There are many cases where people do not have the proper knowledge to use the tire iron and damage their dirt bike tire to the point that they cannot use it any further.

How Do You Use Dirt Bike Tire Irons

The best way to use the tire iron is to get the tire in a position to help you the best to work on with. Put the tire in adequate leverage and secure it in a position not to move around. What you have to do is push the tire from the tire bead tool with your whole body with the lever and work your way through with the tire iron to get the bead separated from the tire. Work in a way not to damage anything with the sharp tool of your tire irons. And you will be done in no time.

Do’s and Don’ts When You Change A Bike Tire

When you are changing the tire of your bike, there are some things you need to do and some things to avoid. Below are the do’s and don’ts of changing a bike tire

Do’s of Changing a Bike Tire

  • Use the suitable tools for changing
  • Use the straight end of the tire iron for dismounting
  • Always get the bead breaker as close to the rim as possible
  • Keep a simultaneous push between the leverage and the iron

Don’ts of Changing a Bike Tire

  • Do not use too thick or too think tire iron
  • Do not put pressure straight on the rim
  • Do not try to push the tire iron while pushing the lever

Frequently Asked Questions

How many tire irons do you need?

When you are changing one bike tire, you will only need one tire iron to get the job done. But if you want to be safe, it is better to buy two or three to use later when one is broken.

How do you use motorcycle tire spoons?

The motorcycle tire spoons are a tool to use changing the tire of your bike. They are used to get the tire out of the beam by using the spoon to separate them with a push.

How much cost dirt bike tire irons?

Tire irons are mostly cheaper than other tools. An efficient tire should not take you more than $30 or less.


That was all for the best dirt bike tire irons. We hope that all the recommendations and information we have gathered for you will come in handy, and you will be able to solve all your worries after reading them. Finding the right tool will surely take your concerns. Once you get your hand in the right tool, you will have no problem changing your dirt bike tires. We hope you will able to find the right one from our recommendation.

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