250 vs 450 Dirt Bike: Know which one is best for You

Dirt biking gives people a thrilling experience, which is why people show concern about purchasing the most suitable dirt bike for various terrains. So, two basic available options are 250 vs 450 dirt bike.

What is the difference between 250 and 450 dirt bikes? 250 and 450 numbers are linked with the size of the engine, and cc stands for cubic centimeters. So, the higher the number, the bigger the size of the engine. 450cc dirt bikes have more power and speed than 250cc dirt bikes. But these bikes are heavier in weight, which requires more force to handle them than 250cc bikes.

Moreover, for rough terrain that includes slopes, 450cc bikes work more effectively as they are great in terms of torque and overcoming hurdles with higher acceleration. That is why experienced riders prefer them to enjoy adventurous rides at a high speed. At the same time, 250cc bikes are perfect for groomed terrains with fewer hurdles. So, they are best for people who are new to dirt biking or in the learning phase.

Here in this article, we will elaborate on the comparisons of these two bikes in detail. We will also guide you about all the important factors to consider before making any decision. So, stay with us.

250 vs 450 Dirt Bike: Explore the 7 Major Differences

difference between 250cc vs 450cc dirt bike

You can understand the difference between these two dirt bikes by making comparisons on various factors. Let’s explore them one by one:

  1. Weight Considerations

The first difference is in the weight of these two bikes. A 250cc dirt bike is lighter than a 450cc dirt bike. Various brands in the market are selling these bikes with different body weights. However, the average weight for a 250 cc bike is around 297 lbs. while it is 320 lbs. for 450cc dirt bikes.

Does weight affect their performance? Yes, heavyweight means you need to exert more force to handle the bike during rides, especially on rough terrains. But a heavy body is preferable in terms of remaining stable even during high-speed rides. On the other hand, 250cc bikes are easy to handle because of their light body weight, but the chances of instability are high if you are riding them at a high speed.

  1. Engine Specifications

250cc bikes have such engines that produce less power as compared to engines 450cc bikes have. You will get around 14 horsepower from a 250cc engine, while a 450cc engine is capable of generating 28 horsepower. This means the power of a 450cc bike is double as compared to a 250cc bike. That is why professional riders who want to perform well in dirt bike competitions always go for 450cc dirt bikes.

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  1. Performance on Various Terrains

250cc bikes are simpler than 450cc in terms of speed, control, and power, so they are suitable for simple terrains where you don’t have to exert force. 450cc bikes are more powerful or experience sharp turns. On the other hand, 450 bikes are better in performance in terms of higher power and speed. So, they are suitable for various types of off-road tracks, including rocky terrains. 

  1. Speed Acceleration

With a 250 cc bike, you can reach a speed of around 70 to 75 miles per hour, while you can reach a speed of 130 miles per hour with a 450cc dirt bike. This means 450cc bikes are best to consider when you are looking to take part in any race competition. 

  1. Prices

Different brands are selling these bikes at different prices, like Honda, Yamaha, etc. However, generally, 450cc bikes are expensive as compared to 250cc bikes. 

  1. Seat Height

The performance of a rider on different terrains is also dependent upon the height of the seat. The height is usually higher in 450cc bikes and in between 33 and 35 inches. At the same time, 250cc bikes have lesser seat height at around 29 inches to 32 inches. 

If you have shorter height then you must with 250 cc bike because it will give better control with better ground support. Furthermore, you can stand on the ground while riding the bike easily. People who have greater inseam length prefer 450cc dirt bikes because of comfortable body movements.

  1. Comfort Level

Despite the lightweight body of a 250 cc dirt bike, the rider will have to exert more effort to handle it. On the other hand, 450cc dirt bikes require less effort and footwork while riding on various terrains. If you are looking for bikes that need less physical work, then 450cc dirt bikes are better. 

Similarities of 250 and 450 CC Dirt Bikes

Just like differences, there are some common things between these bikes. The first thing is the same body frame. You cannot differentiate them from the body frame as they are similar to one another, with a slight difference in width because of engine size. Furthermore, 250cc dirt bikes have 4 stroke types of engine, just like 450 cc dirt bikes. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Dirt Bike

The difference between these two bikes is clear now. But the next question that arises is: what is the most suitable option for me? A bike that works well for one may be dangerous for another person. So, we have compiled all the necessary factors that you must consider before making any purchase decision:

  • Understand your skills and riding abilities. If you are a newbie, then you must start with a simpler model. Even if you are an expert but did not ride dirt bikes for a long time, then it is time to start again with a 250 cc bike. 
  • With the aim of taking part in various events or competitions, high-power engines are a must.
  • Your height matters a lot in choosing any bike. Make sure you are able to stand on the ground while riding the bike. So, have a test drive with each bike option to evaluate the seat height and the ground support. 
  • The weight of your body must be in proportion to the dirt bike. If you are underweight, then it is difficult to handle a heavyweight bike. So, you need to inquire about the weight of various models before purchasing.
  • Keep in mind your plans about the location or the terrain. If you are open to challenging tracks, then a simple bike will not perform well on hurdles. 
  • Last, but not least, set your budget first. After that, make a comparison between different brands to choose the one that provides enough specifications within your budget.

Pros& Cons of 250cc Dirt Bike


  • It is cheap to buy and maintain
  • It is more nimble and easier to handle from other bikes
  • This bike is less powerful, so there are less chance of accidents.


  • It is not suitable for all types of terrain
  • Less speed.
  • Less powerful

Pros& Cons of 450cc Dirt Bike


  • This is more powerful than other bikes, so more fun to ride
  • Suitable for rougher terrain
  • It is better suited for taller riders


  • It is more expensive 
  • This dirt bike is heavier than other bike, so it is hard to handle
  • More powerful
  • More difficult to maintain

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the safety gear to ride dirt bikes without facing injuries?

Whenever you ride a dirt bike, you need to wear proper safety gear. No matter what type of terrain you are riding, the chances of accidents are still there. So, never ride a dirt bike without a helmet, as this way, you can save yourself from serious head injuries. Furthermore, to protect the eye from debris, one must consider the goggles if the helmet does not have a visor. Other things to add to the safety gear are knee pads, arm pads, elbow guards, waterproof boots, jackets, etc.

How do I choose engine oil for my dirt bike?

Engine oil determines the functioning of the engine and prevents rust and corrosion. So, one must choose only reliable brands to purchase this oil. A good quality oil is the one that prevents the piston from rubbing with the bearing or the cylinder wall. Moreover, choose an engine oil that is suitable for your riding style and can bear high temperatures in the case of rough terrains. Always consult an expert to select the most suitable type according to your engine specifications.

What are the maintenance requirements of a dirt bike?

Dirt bikes have to run on various surfaces, including gravel or hilly areas, and they also have to face harsh weather conditions. So, to maintain the performance level of these bikes, one must give proper attention to the maintenance requirements. Deep cleaning of various bike parts is a must at regular intervals to remove dirt and moisture. Furthermore, you need to change the lubricants quite frequently to prevent rust and corrosion. Replace the engine oil, brake, and clutch fluid after intervals recommended by the manufacturer for the smooth working of the clutch and brake. 

Bottom Line

Dirt biking means investing in a suitable model of dirt bike that can meet your riding requirements. 250cc dirt bikes and 450cc dirt bikes are in high demand with their specific features. Those, as mentioned above, 250 vs 450 dirt bike factors are enough to make someone understand the performance differences between these two options. 

Remember to understand your capabilities before buying any type of dirt bike. Some riders feel 250 cc bikes more secure, while others find 450 cc bikes more thrilling. So, the final decision is dependent on personal preferences and skill levels. 

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