Best Dirt Bike Tire for Mud

Many different styles of dirt bike tires can be used in different types of terrain, but what is the best tire for mud? The answer to this question will depend on several factors.

Best Dirt Bike Tire for Mud

Some riders prefer to have more traction and grip while riding in the mud, so they may want a knobby or semi-knobby type tire for their dirt bike. Others might prefer to ride with less resistance and choose an ATV-style tire instead.

In any case, we highly recommend that you invest in high-quality tires. We have mentioned some in our best dirt bike tire for mud reviews. Be sure to check these out and choose the right one for you.

Our Top 7 Picks for Best Dirt Bike Tire for Mud

MICHELIN StarCross 5 Medium Motocross Bias Tire

The MICHELIN StarCross 5 Medium Motocross Bias Tire is for riders who want a high-performance, versatile tire to tackle any condition or terrain the day might bring. With specially designed treads that have been optimized specifically for motocross and off-road riding in all conditions, this tire could be your go-to for whatever gets thrown at you on race day.

It has a medium-bias construction with a reinforced sidewall and an angled shoulder tread design, which delivers superior on-road handling for precise cornering while maximizing traction off rougher or loose surfaces. Dual compound rubber and reinforced casing delivers the optimal balance of grip, durability, and wear to keep you going across.

These tires not only will keep you feeling more secure but also offer improved riding performance and feedback. It has got all the traction you need to get through whatever terrain you put in front of it and feedback from the staggered tread blocks that deliver a true motocross experience on every ride.

With the perfect mix of grip, durability, and responsiveness, these motocross bias tires are designed for more demanding terrain. In addition, the tire is fitted with extra heavy-duty bead and steel belt carcass, so no matter what your driving conditions, it won’t be coming off!

They have a bias tread design for optimum drainage and handling that’s perfect for motocross. The patented pattern was engineered to match genuine motocross tires for increased surface contact on dirt.


  • Bias tread design for optimum drainage and handling
  • Patented pattern engineered to match genuine motocross tires
  • Perfect mix of grip, durability, and responsiveness.
  • Has great grip in turns
  • Fitted with an extra heavy-duty bead and steel belt carcass
  • Best dirt bike tires for off-road riding


  • Not mentioned

Maxxis M7304 Rear Maxxcross Intermediate Motorcycle Tire

Get the Maxxis M7304 Rear Maxxcross Intermediate Motorcycle Tire to explore elevating terrain and keep your vehicle on track. Built with a knob design that offers exceptional traction, this tough compound has advanced rubber for maximum control.

It features a sturdy construction for high-performance tires, giving you excellent safety. With advanced rubber compounds and a unique knob design, this tire offers a ride like no other.

This tire also features reinforced sidewalls for excellent performance and stability on trails and an upgraded tread design for increased security. Experience maximum grip thanks to its thicker compound rubber that lasts longer than most tires on the market today.

It maximizes off-road performance with this outstanding factory choice long-wearing, performs well in common intermediate to hardpack conditions, and competes exceptionally well with other intermediate tires on the market.

Maxxis combines this exceptional product with their front tire that combines a tread pattern of an M7305 rear for an excellent balance of all factors across the board to win any race over any terrain. Long wear and superb traction at the intermediate to hardpack range make it a popular choice for professional racers and enthusiasts. 


  • Long wear and superb traction
  • Features unique knob design
  • Advanced rubber for maximum control
  • Patterned tread performs well at intermediate or hardpack conditions
  • Provides  excellent stability and torque-wrenching performance
  • Aggressive tread pattern designed to cut through mud


  • Color is slightly blemish

Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Mid Soft Dirt Bike Tube Type Tire

The Pirelli Scorpion MX32 is a one-of-a-kind tire that delivers an explosive experience. It’s perfect for racing around soft to intermediate terrains from dirt trails, sand, and gravel. The lateral block design supports the trajectory set, delivering you maximum control in every turn!

They also come with a metal airtight neck gaiter that keeps you safe from sunburn. These tires have been engineered to deliver the best of both worlds; excellent braking and straight-line tracking. These drive the tread pattern that leads to great cross speed on any surface type. 

This Mid Soft MX dirt bike tire is constructed with premium materials for optimum performance. These tires are designed to keep you rolling smoothly over all-terrain obstacles, so you can conquer whatever comes your way. The soft density rubber compound keeps tires durable but also provides shock absorption in those off-road conditions.

The V-shaped block layout offers optimal stability and grip while cornering or accelerating out of deep sand. Available in soft versions for great traction and bumps without sacrificing speed.Where hard versions offer maximum traction on hard-packed surfaces and provide excellent wear resistance. 

The Scorpion tire is designed for those trying to hit the early start or hit that triple they’ve been waiting on. With lateral blocks and uncompromising puncture resistance, drive with confidence, knowing that these tires will provide the traction you need.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Good Traction
  • Shock Absorption
  • Optimal Stability and Grip
  • Lateral block design optimizes the trajectory set
  • Maximum Traction on Hard-packed Surfaces


  • Not mentioned

Dunlop MX12 S/T 100/90-19 Rear Tire

Dunlop’s MX 12 is the one tire that does it all. The innovative V-Block tread pattern combined with Dunlop’s new race-inspired compound creates a tire for any occasion, from the backcountry to world championship tracks.

Unlike your everyday tire, this new technology does a better job clearing the tread of mud to maintain maximum performance. This rear tire will provide much-desired traction that is unmatched and unrivaled by other products on the market.  If you are looking for a go anywhere and do anything rear tire, then the Dunlop MX12 is your first choice!

This lightweight tire features a tread pattern that includes Dunlop’s exclusive block-within-a-block Progressive Cornering Block Technology (PCBT). PCBT offers enhanced lateral stability and rim protection for powerful long-distance riding and a softer diamond-shaped center ridge for silky smooth transitions on hard surfaces.

These Dunlop Tires are developed with Recessed flex joints between tread blocks that improve compliance for enhanced traction in wet conditions and moisture while you’re out mountain biking or riding the open road.

Designed for motocross, off-road riders can experience the difference this tire has made in their overall performance after experiencing less wear. Also, Dunlop Tires do not require a tube, thanks to air pressure. That means no more surprise flats, nasty cuts from debris road, and speed wobble.

The MX12 is the perfect balance of power and traction, with an increased length of contact patch for improved bump absorption while increased steering in rutted conditions; features give you easier maneuverability on any terrain! This tire gives new meaning to having a competitive edge with its improved bump absorption and excellent handling in all conditions.


  • Excellent handling in all conditions
  • Improved bump absorption
  • Increased steering in rutted conditions
  • No tubes, no need to worry about a puncture or flat tire!
  • Great traction on any surface
  • Enhanced lateral stability and rim protection


  • Not mentioned

MICHELIN 36489 Sport

MICHELIN Sport is a comfortable and affordable option with high-tech features that you’re sure to love. This durable study tire will give you unparalleled performance whether you’re a competitive mountain biker or an endurance cyclist.

The Michelin 36489 Sport provides long-lasting, straight, and fast performance. This tire has a redefined tread design which will give you better control on any surface. Whether you need stability or speed, this tire offers everything with an aggressive tread that still gets an excellent grip on wet surfaces.

Take a step up with the redesigned MICHELIN 36489 Sport. You’ll get more out of these tires, thanks to their Trial X Competition casing that’s even more flexible for enhanced traction. So you go faster and have less risk of slipping on those tricky turns.

These ultra-thick Michelin tires are perfect for those living outside the city or just want something durable. You’ll never have to worry about a flat tire again with this new generation of thick and delectable rubber. They come when you need them, and they’re versatile, whether on a mountain climb or cruising downtown!

This tire is an affordable yet effective tire of choice for all those who love outdoor adventures. It also has a low-pressure operating range which allows you to explore the trails at whatever pace you want without compromising your grip on loose dirt and corners.


  • Long-lasting rubber ensures longevity
  • Excellent grip on wet surfaces
  • Affordable
  • Mud and dirt resistant
  • Designed specifically for soft ground
  • The tread on the tire makes it really durable


  • Not mentioned

Bridgestone M204 Motocross Rear Tire

Bridgestone’s M204 rear Motocross tire offers fantastic wear life, excellent traction, and consistent handling. The race-proven tread pattern is designed with extra-wide block spacing to provide the best performance on dirt tracks plagued by firm base soil.

Bridgestone has you covered with improved slide control in turns and a more confident drive across blocks pushing off while braking for corners, Bridgestone has you covered!

Whether you’re in the sand or on the track, it is essential to have a great tire that won’t slip when needed. Bridgestone has made sure their tires will not let you down by enhancing grip and traction. Ensuring these tires can handle any situation.

This Bridgestone motocross tire is designed to work with today’s 4-stroke machines and offers a durable grip for the most demanding riding conditions so you can keep up with your competitors.

These bike tires provide you with stability, durability, and a broad range of abusive soil conditions: sturdy three-ply casing, exceptionally stable tread pattern, and high groove density to cut through any terrain.


  • Excellent traction
  • Great mobility
  • Durable casing
  • Stable tread pattern
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting tread life


  • Not mentioned

Bridgestone Battlecross X30 Intermediate Rear Tire

The Battlecross X30 Intermediate Rear Tire is the next step in our tire lineup, offering unbeatable traction on most surfaces with a raised center block pattern that really works well during braking and acceleration. 

With its raised center block pattern, this option performs great under pressure and also provides you with reliable traction during braking and acceleration to beat traffic.

Bridgestone developed Battlecross X30 Intermediate Rear Tire to offer stability even on slippery terrain and rocky landscapes. Featuring asymmetric blocks placed optimally for a comfortable grip, you can feel confident that you have enough traction to conquer whatever gets thrown your way.

The edges of these blocks will always catch the track surface for maximum grip on a range of terrains, so you can rock your ride without any worries about sliding at those hazardous moments. The Bridgestone Battlecross X30 is powerful, precise, and leaves no track un-gripped. As a result, it’ll do some really cool things on the track that others can’t.

This tire is a beast of traction and durability, even in the most difficult of conditions. Designed with Bridgestone’s iconic fin-shape for increased cooling, this Battlecross X30 will turn your rear wheel into a grip machine without binding or slipping when turning, braking, or accelerating at high speeds.


  • Performs great under pressure 
  • Powerful Grip
  • Durability even in the most difficult of conditions
  • Cooling fins for increased grip and precision on tough terrains
  • Improved steering and handling for performance
  • Center block pattern for enhanced traction during braking and acceleration


  • Not mentioned

How to Choose the Best Dirt Bike Tire for Mud?


If you’re going to ride in muddy, off-road conditions, then durability is key. You’ll want a tire that can withstand the abuse of constant pounding on rocks and event logs. Remember, when it comes to choosing dirt bike tires for mud, one size does not fit all! Pay attention to what terrain your most likely be encountering.

Wet Grip:

It’s a little hard to imagine, but in some cases, the best dirt bike tire for mud can also be the worst! If you live or ride near water, then your best bet is not to wear out that tread too quickly especially when most of us are used to riding bikes on pavement and don’t know what to do when our bike gets wet.

How to Choose the Best Dirt Bike Tire for Mud


If you’re mainly going to ride around muddy trails, then you’ll want something with a tread that is tough enough to bite into the dirt and carry you through. A knobby tire will work well, but if it mostly rocks, you’ll need something with more traction in order to get up hills or over obstacles like logs.

Tire Width:

Keep in mind that too narrow of a tire can easily become stuck on roots and rocks, whereas too wide of a tire will not get enough grip to carry you through.


You’ll also want to consider traction when looking at dirt bike tires. If you’re riding on a wet trail, look for tires with large lugs that can grip without as much chance of sliding out.

Puncture Resistant:

Nobody likes a flat tire, so you’ll want to look for something that is more puncture resistant.


Finally, keep in mind weight when looking at dirt bike tire options. You’ll want something light to keep you from getting bogged down in the mud.

 How to Measure Dirt Bike Tire Size

  • Determine the diameter of your wheel
  • Measure around the tire and multiply by.62.
  • Add to that number: 30mm, 20mm, or 15 mm for a standard front, rear, or sidecar, respectively. The total is how much you need to add to your wheel size measurement (if it’s not already in inches).
  • Divide the result by 12, and you have your tire size. (Example: 29″ wheel + 30mm = 59cm).
How to Measure Dirt Bike Tire Size

Different Types of Dirt Bike Tires

Soft-Terrain Tires:

These tires are made for loose or wet terrain and offer the most traction. They use a softer rubber compound to help them get traction in these conditions, but they do not last as long because of this tougher material. Soft-terrain tires often come with extra lugs that dig into the ground better than other types of tire compounds when soft terrain is present.

Medium Terrain Tires:

These tires are ideally suited for medium-duty. They can handle off-road terrain, but they will not perform well on wet or dry pavement. Medium tire compounds have less traction across all surfaces than the other two types of tires we’ve discussed so far and need to be replaced more frequently because they wear down faster when used in a variety of conditions.

Hard-Terrain Tires:

These tires are designed for traction in muddy and rocky terrain. Hard-terrain tires can be used on all terrains, but they will not perform as well when the ground is dry or wet. They have a tough rubber compound that provides excellent grip in any condition. These types of tires also offer greater shock absorption than other types, which helps to reduce fatigue when riding off-road.

Mud-Terrain Tires:

These tires are made for wet and soft terrain, which is ideal if you ride in mud or sand areas. The rubber compound on these types of tires is designed to grip the ground better than many other types of tire compounds because they need to be able to work well in those wet and soft conditions. The wide treads on these types of tires also help with stability and control because they do not spin out easily.

Dry-Terrain Tires:

These tires are made for dry terrain and offer the most stability. They use a harder rubber compound to help them last longer without wearing out, but because of this tough material, they do not grip the ground as well in other conditions like soft or wet terrain. Dry-terrain tires are also made to be more lightweight, which helps with increased speeds and greater control.

All-Terrain Tires:

These tires are a general design that is designed for dry or wet terrain but not both at the same time. The rubber compound on these types of tires can vary depending on what conditions they need to perform well in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if I Need a New Dirt Bike Tire?

If you notice any of the following, it’s time for a new dirt bike tire.

You are slipping or sliding around more than normal on the ground; not enough traction is being generated from your tires to move forward with ease.

Your front and/or rear wheel has lost air pressure. It may be flat, or your tire may be leaking.

Your tires are cracked, and in need of repair; you can’t afford to purchase a new one at this time.
At the first sign of any of these things happening, it’s best to stop riding immediately and call for help. If you continue driving on an unsafe bike with a flat tire, you may lose control and have an accident.

How to Change a Dirt Bike Tire at Home?

The first thing you need to do is make sure the bike is on level ground and that there are no other people around. Then take off your old dirt bike tire by unhooking it from the rim while holding both ends of the metal wire (called a bead) with pliers or vice grip, one in each hand. Gently pull the bead from one side to the other, and it will come out of its place on top of the rim.

How Much Does a Dirt Bike Tire Cost?

On average, replacement dirt bike tires cost about $70-$130, depending on your make/model of motorcycle. A higher-quality tire can cost double the price of a regular tire, but it’s worth investing in to protect your dirt bike.


In this article, we have mentioned some of the best dirt bike tire for mud. We’ve gone over what to look for in a dirt bike tire, so now it’s time to pick the best one. Our favorite is Maxxis M7304 Rear Maxxcross Intermediate Motorcycle Tire. This tire can handle a range of conditions, including mud and wet grassy surfaces, with ease while still providing traction on loose dirt or gravel.

It’s durable enough to withstand off-road riding rigors and performs well in tighter spaces like trails and city streets alike, thanks to its aggressive tread pattern design. If you’re looking for an all-around great option that will work in as many situations as possible without sacrificing performance, then this may be your best bet. Read more about it here in this article!

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