Best Dirt Bike Chest Protector

Conquering the mountain is a great challenge. If you are an avid dirt bike rider, you know that there are many dangers on your way up and down. One of the most common injuries riders suffer from is chest injury due to crashing into rocks or trees when they fall off their bike.

Best Dirt Bike Chest Protector

A good quality chest protector can help protect against this type of injury in case it happens to you! In this article, we will cover how important it is to wear a Chest Protector and how we recommend going about picking out the best dirt bike chest protector yourself!

Top 5 Best Dirt Bike Chest Protector

Fox Racing Men’s R3 Motocross Roost Deflector

The Fox Men’s R3 Motocross Roost Deflector provides a 26-degree pad at the chest that absorbs roost,  designed with airflow and ventilated main body shell combine for a safe motocross ride. It shields you from the debris that gets kicked up on the track as well as prevents roost against your helmet.

This Roost Deflector has a cool elastic slide-buckle waist adjustment that is simple to buckle. This product lets no rocks, bugs, or anything else hit your skin! It is designed for all the rough riders out there who race in motocross and can’t afford to let things slow them down.

The Deflector matches your track-designated gear with this one-of-a-kind motocross roost deflector that will keep you safe from every last post-race melee. Adjustable shoulder and waist straps ensure a perfect fit, so now there’s no reason not to have one strapped onto every rider!

The innovative neck brace has a stretch polyester front panel that attaches to your motocross chest protector, providing double protection for sensitive areas like your neck and collarbone in case of an off-road tumble. It gives protection without obstructing your vision or inhibiting mobility.

The Roost Deflector will prevent any bouncing dirt from coming between your shoulder and neck, leaving you free to enter into combat with nature unencumbered. With Fox Racing’s patented body protectors, fear no roost in the face again. It is a low-profile shoulder armor designed for all-day comfort, a super lightweight feel, and superior ventilation.


  • Protects your neck and collarbone
  • Adjustable shoulder and waist straps 
  • Easy to attach while riding
  • Keeps dirt out of face
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Great ventilation


  • Thin Plastic feels cheap

O’Neal 1285-004 Holeshot Chest Protector

Protect yourself with the O’Neal 1285-004 Holeshot Chest Protector. The articulated back protector for increased mobility provides protection for the parts of your body nobody likes to think about. Throw everything onto this super lightweight chest protector and be covered from head to toe in one go.

Protect your chest and ribs from injuries with one of these O’Neal’s Holeshot Chest Protectors. These sleek protectors have a unique design that adheres to the curves of your body for unmatched comfort on long rides. You get all-day protection, so ride as much as you want!

The O’Neal 1285-004 Holeshot Chest Protector makes you feel confident and comfortable without taking away from performance, thanks to its Airprene® shoulder padding. With the ultimate protection against intense impact, this protector is sure to keep your heart pounding.

The innovative Airprene shoulder pad and strategically placed EPS shock-absorbing foam will soften jagged corners so that even a full-speed crash with little armor feels gentle on your insides. The protector is stylish and will provide top-of-the-line coverage that you are sure to enjoy.

The integrated waist closure system closes in the front and has a Velcro sleeve for tightening as desired. Inside of the item and EPS foam provides protection against impact collisions with your chest while traveling at high speeds on the bike track.

This Foam padded protector will have you beating them to their hole with style. Plus, the ventilation will keep you fresh throughout your ride and make it easier to slip into some after-riding plans. Wear it once, and you’ll never want to go back to that rusty old thing again. It doesn’t matter who or what sized person you are. This chest protector will fit comfortably. 


  • Protection in front and back
  • Articulated back protector for increased mobility
  • Integrated waist closure system with Velcro sleeve
  • EPS foam for protection against impacts
  • Foam padding for comfortability
  • Ventilation to prevent overheating during the ride or after riding activities.


  • Not bulletproof

Alpinestars Unisex-Adult Bionic Chest Protector

Alpinestars Unisex-Adult Bionic Chest Protector provides ensured protection from injuries while still providing a flexible fit and 1.5 inches of compression for a snug, natural feel that goes on like a second skin.

The ultra-lightweight design features long zips that facilitate quick donning without removing your helmet. Adjustable side straps allow impeccable fit and comfort across body types. Ride on with this Alpinestars bionic chest protector that will protect your ribs during spills, big jumps, from other vehicle crashes, and more so you can keep going.

Made with an innovative poly-material blend meant for optimal flexibility and lightweight performance while also giving good protection against impact from high-velocity stones or branches, Alpinestars has created a world-class chest protector just for you.

This super-lightweight armor absorbs the impacts for you, so your arms or body won’t take it. The air channels in the lining help keep you cool, and then there’s this thing called perforations, which are zones of small tiny holes that let fresh air through to help sweat evaporate and release heat from your body, all while protecting you at the same time. 

The Bionic Chest Protector features durable construction, 3 bridge fixings for upper chest protection, and dual-strap closures that are easy to adjust. It has three bridge fixings, and it’s designed in such a way that the wings can move independently of the main part of the protection, finding your shape underneath. 

The thermoformed side padding offers superb rider comfort whilst also protecting the lower ribs against injury with its revolutionary technology so you can ride at full throttle, knowing that you are in good hands with them all day long.


  • Adjustable dual-strap closures
  • Provides ensured protection from injuries
  • Excellent breathability and ventilation
  • Comfortable to wear and use
  • Easy to clean
  • Good protection


  • No neck protector

Fox Racing Men’s Race Subframe

Fox Racing men’s Race Subframes is truly ready for anything with an imported plastic back and chest plate to ensure that maximum protection is given without sacrificing mobility. Designed for the racer in you, this  Race Subframe keeps your body tight and hydrodynamic. 

RacerX Professional Orthopedics loads this subframe with a comfortable chest plate for any racing or endurance challenges you’ll face. The backplate is made of durable, lightweight plastic to protect against water displacement and other things on track.

The Fox Racing Men’s Race Subframe is designed to be worn underneath a jersey and strategically placed vents for maximum cooling when temps get higher than you’d like them to be. So it’s like getting an up-close and personal view of what lies beneath a pro rider’s uniform. 

Crafted to meet the demands of gravity riders everywhere, this race-bred rack has 10 inches of cushy suspension built-in for a sweet ride. The texturized neoprene back panel also makes riding on hot days feel cooler longer, which means less discomfort when things start to heat up.

With these Fox Racing race subframes, a stiffer seat is now achievable for unparalleled comfort and reduced fatigue. Quickly sized with two contoured straps at the back, you gain stability and spinal support when wearing them. They’re so easy to adjust that you can increase their coverage over time from front or back as your weight changes.

When your back aches, it’s time to get some new gear. Replace an old worn-out chassis with a race subframe from Fox Racing and experience the luxury of sitting tall and comfortable on the bike.


  • Great for hot weather riding
  • Can be worn underneath the jersey
  • Adjusted waist straps to fit easily 
  • Keeps you cool with no airflow
  • Provides support for back and spine
  • Greatly reduces fatigue when sitting on the bike


  • Not comes with CE protection

EVS Sports Unisex-Adult Revo 5 Roost Deflector 

Protect your head like a pro with the EVS Sports Unisex-Adult Revo 5 Roost Deflector. Made of molded cross-link bio-foam, the interior serves as a shock-absorbing barrier to keep you safe from nasty roost and large debris while riding in races or during off-road adventures.

The exterior is a glove-friendly, lightweight mesh stretches fabric shell that will not bunch up when wearing gloves, so there is plenty of room to maneuver hands. The visor provides sun protection and improves visibility on sunny days and will deflect any flying insects for added comfort to come.

The Unisex-Adult  Roost Deflector features molded polycarbonate construction for maximum impact protection. This is the perfect solution for any rider on your squad who is thisclose to calling quits with BMX. The Revo 5’s reinforced plastic construction is both protective and durable. You’ll be able to stop any object that tries to knock you off of your chair with this ultimate safety net.

This Chest Guard Fits every body type and is designed to keep you confident when using a tight stance. The three-part backplate offers flex points that move with your body, so it’s perfect for pushing into tough corners or moving in front of screens without blocking passing lanes. Unique design improves balance while protecting from pucks, sticks, and boards.

This Unisex Adult Revo 5 Roost Deflector is fully adjustable so it can fit riders of any size while also being neck brace compatible. With a lightweight carbon composite design, you’ll be able to stay active in adverse conditions without having to worry about crashes because they’ve got your back covered.


  • Protects the entire chest and abdomen
  • Lightweight and flexible for all riding styles
  • Fully adjustable to fit any size rider
  • Neck brace compatible
  • Three-part backplate offers flex points
  • Features molded cross-link bio-foam interior for shock-absorption


  • Not Mentioned

The Function of Dirt Bike Chest Protector

The function of the dirt bike chest protector is to protect the rider from impacts on their chest. Chest protection can be accomplished with a piece of armor that covers up your rib cage or by extending around and protecting other important organs like your kidneys (especially if you are riding off-road).

A good quality dirt bike chest protector will do a good job of absorbing the force from an impact on your chest and will also have some form of protection for other body parts. The armor should be tough enough to protect against impacts that are not necessarily centered on the rib cage area – it needs to be able to absorb forces off-center as well.

Things To Consider When Choosing Chest Protector

When choosing the best dirt bike chest protector, there are a few key points to take into consideration.

Things To Consider When Choosing Chest Protector
  1. Chest protection is essential when you’re riding dirt bikes off-road or even on the track.
  2. The armor should be tough enough to protect against impacts that are not necessarily centered on the rib cage area – it needs to be able to absorb forces off-center as well.
  3. Comfort is important, and you’ll want to find a chest protector that doesn’t restrict your movement or feel too tight.
  4. Some dirt bike chest protectors come with back protection as well – this will be something else to consider when looking for the right one.

Roost Deflector Vs. Body Armor:

Roost Deflector:

The Roost Deflector is a piece of chest protection that attaches to the body with Velcro straps. It provides coverage from 30 inches all the way up to 57 inches, which ensures it can fit most people and any size dirt bike.

The design for this protector also covers ribs as well as part of your back, so you remain protected on every side while riding through large fields of rocks or debris.

Key Features of Roost Deflector:

  1. The Roost Deflector is designed to protect the rider’s chest and ribs.
  2. It attaches with Velcro straps which adjust in size from 30 inches to 57 inches for a universal fit.
  3. Washable in cold water after each ride.
  4. A downside is they do not protect other areas like legs, arms, head, etc., but provide great upper body coverage and will last many seasons if properly maintained.

Body Armor:

This product was created specifically for those who need more than roost deflects or and can be used as a chest protector. This body armor is made from high-quality, durable materials and has an elasticized outer layer for a secure fit that will not interfere with the movement of the rider’s arms.

The inner foam also provides additional comfort by absorbing sweat when worn under motorcycle gear such as jackets and vests. Riders can adjust this chest protector up to 60 inches in length, which means it should accommodate most riders without any hassle.”

Key Features of Body Armor:

  1. They are made of PET foam that is extremely protective
  2. It covers the stomach, ribs, shoulder blades, back, and part of your arms for 360-degree protection
  3. Comes in two sizes: small/medium or medium/large
  4. It covers most of an individual’s torso but leaves his or her head, arms, legs, and groin unprotected.
  5. Body armor was specifically made for riders who want protection on their upper body only.

Difference Between Chest Protector vs. Chest Guard:

The main difference between a chest protector and a chest guard is their design. A chest protector has stronger padding than a simple pad while providing more coverage of vulnerable areas like your ribs, kidneys, spine, and collarbone.

A good example would be if you were riding on an ATV with no overhead bars to protect you. Whereas the moment you lean forward over any obstacle at high speeds, all those sensitive parts are exposed to physical injury (especially when you fall). Some chest guards offer more protection and are designed to protect the sternum, which is a part of your rib cage that protects your vital organs.

Types of Dirt Bike Chest Protectors:

Vest-style Chest Protectors:  

This type of protector will help protect you against impacts to your chest from objects such as logs, trees, or other dirt bikes. It can also prevent injuries caused by contact with the ground if you fall off your bike at high speed.

However, it does have its downsides: there has been some debate about whether they actually do enough to provide additional safety for riders because these types of protectors only cover one area (your chest) instead of protecting every inch of skin like full coverage protective gear would offer. Additionally, vests don’t do much to help protect your ribs, kidneys, or spine.

In some competitions like motocross racing, they can also be used as an advantage because riders are required to wear a chest protector when competing in certain races and classes. This is usually so that the rider wears additional protection for their vital organs while riding, which decreases possible injuries from crashes on rough terrain.

Types of Dirt Bike Chest Protectors

Full Jacket-style Protection:

Full jacket-style protection typically refers to protective gear that covers the arms, chest, and back. This is usually your best option for full coverage in motocross because it offers 360-degree protection from injuries caused by crashes or falls on rough terrain.

This type of protection is the most popular. It’s designed to protect your head, neck, spine, and back with a full-length jacket that has padding on all locations in order for them to overlap and provide an extra layer of safety.

They also come in a jacket style which provides full protection for your skin by covering everywhere from the neck down. These types of jackets usually have padding on both the front and back to offer ultimate comfort during wear, as well as additional safety measures with extra coverage at key areas like ribs, hips, spine, and other vital organs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Look For When Buying Chest Protector?

When looking for the right chest protector, there are a number of things to keep in mind. You need it to be tough enough and have high levels of protection so that you don’t get hurt when crashing or encountering obstacles on your dirt bike ride – this includes off-center chest impacts.

Comfort is important, and you’ll want to find a chest protector that doesn’t restrict your movement or feel too tight when in use – this includes the area around the neck where it may be uncomfortable on bare skin. Some models come with back protection as well, which will be another thing to consider when looking for one.

How Should A Chest Protector Fit?

The most important consideration when finding the right chest protector is how it will fit, and this can take some experimentation to find just what you need. You’ll want one that fits snugly against your body without restricting movement.

The straps should be close together with no loose spots for them to go into. You also don’t want anything tight around your neck where it may make contact on bare skin, which would cause discomfort or chafe in a short amount of time.

If there’s too much material, then it won’t offer as much protection. However, if there’s not enough, then that could result in damage from impacts while riding – you’ll have more protection than not wearing any chest protector, but if you want to get the best protection possible, then a tight-fitting model should be your top choice.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Wearing a Chest Protector?

Wearing an impact-resistant chest protector can help protect you from serious injury in case you’re thrown off or have any accidents while on your dirt bike.

You’ll also be able to focus better with fewer distractions thinking about what may happen if something does go wrong – this is especially important for new riders who may not feel sure enough yet in their own abilities and confidence as they learn more skills that will keep them safe. Plus, there’s peace of mind knowing that no matter how bad it gets, at least one part of your body is being protected.


If you or a loved one is an avid dirt bike enthusiast, then investing in the best dirt bike chest protector for your particular needs should be high on your priority list. There are many different styles of chest protectors available on the market today, so it will take some research to find what’s right for you.

We recommend EVS Sports Unisex-Adult Revo 5 Roost Deflector because we believe this offers perfect protection and comfort all at once. You can read more about our favorite here. However, if there is another type that suits you better, please let us know!

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