Best Dirt Bike Air Filter Oil

A dirt bike is a type of motorcycle with an off-road design and can be ridden in rough terrain. It’s often used for racing, sports, or recreation. You’ll find these bikes being used on motocross tracks and trails as well as at the dunes.

They’re also common in areas with lots of sand or mud, such as deserts or wetlands, where they’re frequently seen riding through deep sand pits.

Best Dirt Bike Air Filter Oil

Did you know that dirt bike air filter oil is critical to the performance of your dirt bike? Dirt bikes are designed for outdoor use and require a lot of maintenance. Air filters need to be replaced regularly, and the air filter oil needs to be changed periodically. Filter oil is important to ensure that your dirt bike engine continues running smoothly.

The best way to find out how often this should happen is by consulting with your owner’s manual or asking an expert at your local motorcycle store about what type of air filter oil you should buy. For this reason, we have shortlisted the top five best dirt bike air filter oil, which will be highly beneficial for keeping your bike in good shape.

Top Five Best Dirt Bike Air Filter Oil

Lucas Oil High-Performance Foam Filter Oil – 1qt. 10798

Protect your precious engine with Lucas Oil High-Performance Filtration products. Unlike other filter oils, ours goes deeper to provide the ultimate protection while also giving you a lubricated surface that keeps everything flowing smoothly.

It would help if you had it now, and you’ll be even more thankful when your vehicle is on the road again. Next, lubricate your engine with this oil. This coating protects the inside of your vehicle, which is literally a whole new world of potential problems waiting to happen.

If you don’t coat your engine in this high-end oil, it will start squeaking like a hamster while also attracting rust and all sorts of other gross messes. Not to mention that water can enter the system and cause havoc on everything from fuel efficiency to reduced horsepower.

Put an end to these problems by stocking up on Lucas for the fall and winter months today, so you’re ready for anything when it comes to automotive care. The blue color ensures accurate coverage across the entire foam filter area to help you get out and ride whenever you want.

It’s also Non-detergent & non-harsh chemical cleaner and degreaser that work on engines, tools, machinery, decks, docks, and recreational vehicles, which will be helpful when it comes time to clean those surfaces you got dirty while having fun on your bike.


  • Protects the exterior of the bike.
  • The solvent quality of this oil is deficient.
  • The viscosity of this oil is also low.
  • Improves the airflow of the bike.


  • The oil might be dangerous when inhaled accidentally.

Uni Foam Filter Oil & Filter Cleaner Kit ATV Dirt Bike Chemical Cleaner UFM-400

Uni Foam Filter Oil & Filter Cleaner Kit – ATV Dirt Bike Chemical Cleaner UFM-400. Tackle your dirty Uni air filter cleaning job with this combo kit! 16 oz aerosol Foam Air Filter Cleaner is designed to dry quickly and remove dirt, leaves, grime, or other impurities that may clog the pores on different foam filters.

5.5 oz aerosol Foam Oil includes a highly refined petroleum distillate that penetrates deep into the inner cells of foam sleeves to restore them to like-new condition. In addition, this essential kit includes 14.5 oz aerosol filter cleaner and 5.5 oz aerosol filter oil that will help keep your motor running happily.

Spray the oil on your air filter and then spray the cleaner onto it for 30 seconds. Rinse off with water! It really is that simple!! You can use these products together too if desired.


  • This oil has a quick-dry technology.
  • Dirt is removed rapidly from the filter.
  • Comes with aerosol filter oils.


  • This oil is sometimes considered as overpriced.

Maxima Racing Oils 70-799202-2PK Air Filter Maintenance Aerosol Combo Kit

This Maxima Racing Oils 70-799202-2PK Air Filter Maintenance Aerosol Combo Kit is perfect for dirt bike owners with sensitive air filters, heavy traffic, or extreme weather. 

This is highly suitable for dirt bikes. The kit includes two products with long-lasting benefits. Maxima Air Filter Cleaner emulsifies dirt from deep within foam cells without damaging the paper or glue fabric.

The Fab1 Spray-on Air Filter Oil contains a powerful silicone additive that waterproofs the filter to help it resist moisture and debris buildup while boosting oil life up to 3 months. Maxima’s aerosol combo kit will save you time and money while getting your air filter flowing at peak performance.

This oil removes oil and dirt from filters with ease, so they’re always happy to stay home. In addition, Maxima synthetic air filter oil provides unequaled protection against the elements, helping maintain engine cleanliness along with a crisp exhaust note.


  • This is a heavy-duty emulsion cleaner.
  • Easily washes out dir and water.
  • Can be used for both foam and fabric filter.


  • Using it inside the house can be dangerous.

Lucas Oil 10798 Others One Size Parts

Clean out debris in your engine today with the super-concentrated Lucas Oil 10798 Parts One Size cleaner! Unique low solvent, low viscosity formula designed to penetrate the filter media and trap dust, dirt, and sand while improving airflow.

A little goes a long way when removing that build-up from an old clogged or leaking filter because this patent-pending product has powerful degreasing agents that loosen what’s stuck on even the thickest filters.

With just one ounce of Lucas Oil 10798, you can spend less time changing filters more often but still reduce oil usage plus save time and money on labor. Keep engines running stronger longer by making it easier for their computers to monitor pressure fluctuations too.

This all-purpose lubricant will keep those rusty bolts nice and tacked down but don’t worry, and this unique formula is waterproof! So with a little elbow grease, you’ll be able to stay on top of that assembly line.


  • This oil has an enriched waterproof formula.
  • Improves the airflow, hindering specks of dust.
  • This oil easily blocks moisture.


  • Sometimes the shape of these bottles can create a hindrance.

K&N Air Filter Oil: 1 Gallon; Restore Engine Air Filter

Keep your K&N air filter running smoothly with K&N Air Filter Oil. This specialized solution is designed specifically for K&N air filters and can improve performance by up to 30%. That means increased horsepower, improved gas mileage, faster acceleration, and more control behind the wheel.

Maintain a clean dirt bike inside and out with this highly effective dirt-fighting product that cleans as it oils! In fact, one application of this special blend can keep your engine breathing-free for up to one year.

One 16 oz bottle is enough to oil six large filters or twelve medium sizes – depending on your preference, while this gallon size buys you years of maintenance coverage for all occasions. In addition, K&N Air Filter Oil will keep your engine running smooth and clean.

The oil is specially designed to penetrate the filter pleats of your air filter and saturate them, making sure they’re completely covered in protection. K&N Air Filter Oil is machined for performance, specifically in automotive applications.


  • This is oil easily penetrates the filter plates.
  • This oil enhances the efficiency of your dirt bike.
  • Both the internal and external parts of your bike will remain protected.


  • The spray quality should be improved.

Key Considerations Before Buying the Best Dirt Bike Air Filter Oil

Type of Air Filter Oil

Know the type of air filter oil that your bike needs. There are different types of motorcycles, cars, and dirt bikes. Your technician will know what you need if it’s an aftermarket part, order online, or get in touch with them to find more information about product specifications.

SIze of the Filter Oil

Consider which size is best for you: standard weight vs. lightweight truck filters? This factor is dependent on how often the unit operates and if there’s a risk of having debris enter into the system while driving at high speeds over rough terrain.

Standard weight oils provide greater protection against moisture and contamination than lightweights, but they also have higher operating temperatures, so be sure to keep this in mind when choosing one!

Type of the Filter

The next consideration should be whether you need a standard filter or one with an extended cabin air filtration system. Extended cabin filters provide better protection against particulates, but they also have higher operating temperatures, so be sure to keep this in mind when choosing one!

Synthetic Oil

The next consideration should be whether you need synthetic oil for your dirt bike air filter. Synthetic oils are more expensive than conventional choices and require regular maintenance, including adding extra at the recommended intervals – generally every 5000 miles or six months, whichever comes first.

However, these products offer excellent engine lubrication even under extreme conditions such as cold weather starts and high mileage usage, less sludge buildup, along with increased ability to flow properly and maintain consistent viscosity levels over time.

If you don’t want to use synthetic oil for your dirt bike air filter, consider low-viscosity conventional engine oil. This will offer less protection than a higher viscosity product but is typically easier on an engine and doesn’t require frequent changes or the addition of extra additives like oils with high levels of detergent that can lead to sludge buildup in the crankcase.

Types Of Dirt Bike Air Filter Oils

Oil-Based Air Filter Oils

These are usually used for older bikes that don’t have a built-in lubrication system; these types of dirt bike air filters need to be changed more often than others because they can clog up the pores on your engine’s intake surface with debris over time.

Gasoline/Alcohol-Based Air Filter Oils

Use this type of dirt bike air filter if you want to avoid changing it due to its ability to seep into small crevices and stay there longer without evaporating or running out. It may also reduce fire hazards caused by spilled solvents when refueling at a gas station.

Wet Air Filter Vs. Dry Air Filter

Wet filters are more efficient at filtering out dirt particles than their dry counterparts. This leads to fewer replacement costs and better performance from your bike in general.

The Differences Between Oiled And Unoiled Filters

The use of an oiled air filter can be advantageous because they allow for less wear on machinery, which means that you spend less money over time. Plus, when you take care of them, you’ll have little maintenance down the line.

If you want these benefits without using oil, there’s a service that can provide you with treated air filters. The unoiled filter is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to constantly add oil or clean the filter and are just looking for something simple.

Cleaning dirt bike Air Filter

The air filter is the one thing that keeps dirt from being blown into your engine. Therefore, it’s important to clean it regularly and use a good quality oil to keep it in top shape. Cleaning an air filter takes about five minutes of work but can save you hundreds if not thousands over time.

Cleaning Dirt Bike Air Filter

Take an off-bike seat and plastic parts on the underbelly – remove both ends of the air filter from their metal clips ̶ grab hold of each end with pliers pull them apart gently until they come free. Inspect for any debris inside before disposal; discard as appropriate.

Empty all remaining dirt by turning the tank cap counterclockwise with a ratchet and socket – turn counterclockwise until the air filter rests on top of the tank’s opening. Press down firmly with hands to expel all remaining dirt through the hole in the bottom, then clean out the tank as needed

Fill new oil into both ends by shaking vigorously before placing one end back onto its metal clip; repeat for another side.

Dirt Bike Air Filter Oil Application

Oil should be applied liberally to the entire air filter area (including overtop) so that it completely saturates any particulates caught by the filtering media; also, apply a light coating evenly across all surfaces, including the top side, before installing new filters after cleaning old ones for reuse.

Inspect and clean both sides with soap and water if necessary, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Air dry before oiling or installing in the engine bay, and be sure to remove any dirt particles that might have been caught by the filter itself when cleaning with soap and water.

Dirt Bike Air Filter Oil Application

Once dried, apply new air filter oil liberally over all surfaces, including the top side if needed based on your application instructions, then install back into place as required for the system’s proper function team.

Air Filter Maintenance Dos and Don’ts


Please take off the air filter when not in use to let it dry. This prevents mold and fungi from growing on your air filter, which will also keep your dirt bike engine running cleaner.

Replace a dirty or clogged-up motorcycle air filter once every 20 hours of riding time; change the oil after 50 hours of riding time for best results.


Let your air filters dry while still on the dirt bike; never wash a motorcycle or ATV with soap and water, as this will strip off the air filter’s oil.

Never let your dirt bike filters dry while they are still on the dirt bike, and never wash a motorcycle or ATV with soap and water, as this will strip off the air filter’s protective oil layer.

You Can Check It Out to Oil Dirt Bike Air Filter

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should You Change Your Dirt Bike Air Filter Oil?

The best time to replace the dirt bike air filter oil is before a long ride. That way, there’s no chance of damage from old or dirty engine lubricant on your new parts.

This gives them enough time to break in the key fully. It easier for you to clean up afterward! If this isn’t possible, then at least every couple hundred miles or so would be ideal.

You’ll want to have a canister (or two) with some high-quality synthetic motorcycle oils that are designed for units like yours ready beforehand if possible since they’re expensive when bought at gas stations.

Should I Oil My Dirt Bike Air Filter?

It is recommended that you put a couple of drops of oil on your dirt bike air filter before each ride. The reason for this is that the airflow will be smoother and less resistant, which means it takes less energy to rev up the engine to make things go faster.

This makes riding more efficient, comfortable, and satisfying! It also helps to keep dirt out of your carburetor if there’s water or debris around.

Should I Oil My Foam Air Filter?

Foam air filters are typically made of polyurethane and have a porous surface that traps dirt particles, pollen, dust mites, mold spores, bacteria, and other allergens.
The more time the foam filter is exposed to these contaminants in an environment with poor ventilation or airflow (e.g., enclosed garage), the greater likelihood they will become clogged up and unable to trap any additional particles before they enter your engine’s combustion chamber.

This can lead to decreased gas mileage as well as higher emissions levels from your vehicle’s tailpipe. For this reason, many dirt bile owners choose not to oil their foam air filters at all; others recommend only doing so once every six months or so, depending on how often you ride the bike.


Your dirt bike’s air filter oil is vital to its performance. If you’re not sure what type of filter your machine needs, check the manual first. We hope that our selection of the best dirt bike air filter oil will be helpful for you. In my opinion, Lucas Oil High-Performance Foam Filter Oil – 1qt. 10798 is an excellent choice because it doesn’t have a strong odor and will help keep your engine clean and well lubricated for years to come. So make sure to get the best one that will suit your dirt bike. Thank you, have a good day.

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