How to Wheelie a Dirt Bike 2 Stroke

There are many ways to wheelie a dirt bike. Some people prefer the one foot on the ground method, while others like to pop a wheelie with both feet off the ground. The question is, do you know how to get your dirt bike 2 stroke into a wheelie in the first place?

How to Wheelie a Dirt Bike 2 Stroke

In this guide, we will give you some instructions on how to wheelie a dirt bike 2 stroke and also giving some tips & advice on mastering the art of balancing.

Steps to Follow – How to Wheelie a Dirt Bike 2 Stroke

Step 1: Kick the ground with your front foot to get it up onto its back wheel

Step 2: Push down on the throttle as you pop the other tire off of the ground and balance out.

Step 3: Maintain a light, but firm grip on both bars while lifting them slightly upwards to keep yourself balanced straight.

Step 4: Place your right foot in the air, hooking it over the front fender. This will keep your balance stable for a quick pop wheelie.

Step 5: Push down and back with both hands to give yourself as much momentum as possible

Step 6: When you go up onto two wheels, use one hand to keep the front wheel up and use your other hand to balance yourself.This will give you a little bit of time for leverage and let go when you are at the peak of the wheelie or more than likely, before that point so it’s easier on both your hands as well as keeping control over the bike

It’s important to be mindful of how much space is around you while popping your bike up onto one or two wheels as it would not be good if anything was close by that could cause damage to either yourself or the dirt bike with an unexpected collision.

Know Dirt Bike Riding Techniques For Doing Wheelie

Dirt Bike Riding Techniques For Doing Wheelie

1) Start by pushing the bike: 

To make sure that you’re ready to apply for a quick wheelie, start by pushing the bike with your front tire before putting it in gear and popping the clutch when at higher speeds or much more slowly if just learning how to do this maneuver. This will put pressure on the back of your bike so that its seat is raised closer to the handlebars which can help give you stability during this stunt.

2) Use both brakes: 

Once you’ve popped into first gear, be prepared to use both brakes as opposed to using only one like most riders usually do because having two points of contact means more control over some tricky situations including swerving left and right from rocks or curbs while in the air.

3) Apply throttle while going up: 

While it’s usually not a good idea to go too high in the wheelie, you can still make adjustments by using your back brake and applying throttle while going up if need be. If at any point during this process you find yourself getting off-balance or feeling like you’re getting close to crashing then just drop that front tire down!

4) Pull both brakes or release the clutch:

When performing these types of stunts, there are two ways to get out: either pull both brakes or release the clutch quickly with one hand before letting go of the other braking lever so that they will come together automatically for an easy return ride back home.

Some Advice on Not to Crash Your Dirt Bike Doing Wheelie

  • Do not put too much pressure on either handle or they may break! Keep constant control over your bike by using slight corrections here and there.
  • A little bit of steering is needed for small adjustments left or right; be careful not to turn too sharply though since this will cause instability in your bike.
Advice on Avoid Crash When You Wheeling
  • Practice on grass, dirt or sand to build your confidence and get that much closer to mastering the art of balancing a bike.
  • If you have any questions about this article please feel free to contact us through our contact page!

Tips to Master the Art of Wheelies

There is no one set way to wheelie a dirt bike. Some riders prefer the fast, straight-line approach with their rear brake (or both brakes) engaged and others like to apply pressure in an arc up and down the hillside or across field turns.

However, there are some tips that you should follow when learning how to do this impressive stunt:

Tip 1 – Start from a low level:

Practice on level ground. If you’re not comfortable, don’t try to wheelie in a race or other competitive setting because it may cause an accident if the bike slams down from your weight.

Tip 2 – Choosing Your Bike & Wheelies:

When performing your first wheelie on any dirt bike it’s best to start on something smaller and more manageable before moving onto bigger bikes such as TTs or enduros which can be tricky at low speeds due to weight distribution issues. This will allow for easy correction without losing control of the motorcycle because all you have available is the rear brake.

Tip 3 – Get acquainted with the brakes

Know where the front brake lever is and how to use it before attempting this stunt, as using both brakes at once can make the bike more difficult to control.

Tip 4 – Engage both front and rear brakes

Lean forward on your motorcycle and keep a light grip on the handlebars, then lift up off of the seat as you’re approaching a hill or turn. This will engage both front and rear brakes at once. To do this in an arc, push down with your back foot near where it’s engaged with the accelerator.

Engage Both Front and Rear Brakes

Tip 5 – Make Sure your bike has enough momentum

Before you begin to attempt a wheelie, it’s important that your bike has enough momentum to complete it and there is good traction from both tires on the ground. A lack of either can cause problems, so make sure they’re met before trying this stunt.

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Frequently Asked Question

Should I Do Wheelie As a Beginner?

As noted above, wheelies can be dangerous due to their high-speed nature. This means that even small mistakes in balance will result in major crashes which could lead to serious injury.

The best advice when trying out this stunt would be not go too high on your first few attempts as it may take some time before feeling comfortable enough with the motion of riding up until then. For those that are experienced, the wheelie should be completed in less than a second.

What Are the Best Way to Master Wheelie?

The best way to master this stunt would be through practice on level ground before attempting it elsewhere and increase your speed gradually from low to high speeds as you become more confident with handling your dirt bike.

You should also focus on maintaining balance while practicing different tricks such as crossing over or coming straight up. Finally, remember that doing tricks will require a lot of time spent practicing them so make sure not only do you get comfortable but most importantly safe!


Dirt bikes are easy to ride, which is one reason why so many people enjoy them. But if you want to test how well you can balance and maneuver a dirt bike in different conditions, take some time out of your day for some wheelie practice. 

I hope this article helped you learn how to wheelie a dirt bike 2 stroke. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below and we would be happy to answer them for you. Have fun riding!

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