How to Make Your Dirt Bike Faster

Making your dirt bike faster is a topic that has been discussed by many riders for years. There are several modifications that can be done to the bike which will make it go faster, but you have to know what parts to buy and how they work together in order for them to have a positive effect on speed.

How to Make Your Dirt Bike Faster

In this article, we will talk about how to make your dirt bike faster with some modifications, including engine tuning, exhaust system modification, suspension system installation, etc.

Parts You Can Upgrade

Tuning kit

The tuning kit comes with camshafts, timing gears, and a crankshaft. It is the responsibility of this system to make your dirt bike go fast by changing the valve timings, which will change how much air and fuel are mixed together at any given time.

Exhaust System

This modification can be done to any bike that has a motocross-style exhaust system. It is important because it helps make the engine more efficient by letting out some of the hot gas from combustion which will increase power output and reduce backpressure.
Exhaust pipes can be used as well, but they are not necessary for most bikes unless you want to create an aggressive sound. In some cases, it will be necessary to install a silencer or “wet” exhaust system for the bike to comply with noise regulations and not disturb neighboring residents.

Air Intake

Improving the air intake system on your dirt bike will be one of the cheapest and easiest modifications you can install. An air intake modification is typically done by installing an aftermarket filter system as this helps clear out the air that is drawn into the engine and make it denser. This will increase horsepower, torque, performance, and fuel economy.
The intake modification can be done with a cone filter that installs directly to the carburetor or the throttle body on the bike’s motor or by installing an aftermarket air cleaner system that filters out dirt particles in the air.


If you would like a more significant performance improvement, installing an aftermarket carburetor kit may improve both power output and fuel economy.

The carburetors are the component that mixes air and fuel before they enter the engine’s combustion chamber, so if you increase airflow through the carburetor, then more oxygen will be available for combustion, which means an increased power output from your bike.

Suspension System

The suspension system can be a big contributor to how fast your bike goes. If you want it faster, change the spring rate of the rear shock absorbers and stiffen upfront forks for more damping. Adjusting the spring rate will change how fast your bike bounces when you hit a bump and dampens the initial bounce, which means less time in the air.

Suspension System


Upgrading to an aftermarket engine kit may also increase performance significantly. A tuned exhaust system can make as much of a difference in power output as any other upgrade.

The brakes on your bike are the final piece of performance-enhancing equipment that you can upgrade, and they’re often neglected by riders who think they have enough stopping power with their original setup. But if you want a faster dirt bike, it’s worth upgrading to more powerful brakes for better deceleration.


Riding on the worn-out chain will not only make your dirt bike slower but also wear down other components much quicker, which may cause you to need replacement parts more often.

Upgrading the gearing on your bike will make it much easier for riders who want a faster dirt bike. A wide range of gear ratios and sizes are available that can be installed in minutes with basic tools, so there’s no excuse not to upgrade this vital component while giving yourself a boost in speed.


The clutch on a dirt bike is a vital component that’s often neglected by riders. The clutch’s job is to stop the rear wheel from spinning while in motion which allows for better traction and control of your ride, so it’s essential you have one that performs well before taking off with an upgraded engine.

The clutch on a dirt bike is a vital component


Another thing to consider is a new fender because upgrading the engine will cause you to need replacement parts more often.

Other Things You Can Do

Check the Throttle Cable

Examine the throttle cable to see if it is too tight or has any kinks. If there are any problems with your throttle cable, then you will need a new one. You can take your bike to a mechanic or buy replacement parts online and do this yourself:

Clear Out the Carburetor

If you notice that your bike is not accelerating as quickly or has a rough idle, then you may need to clean out the carburetor. You can do this by removing the seat and gas tank from your dirt bike. Then you will want to remove any obstructions in there, like leaves, dirt, or mud.
You’ll want to pour one gallon of gas into the tank and fill it with water. Once you have done that, start your bike up and let it run until there is no more fuel in the engine or visible bubbles coming out of the exhaust pipe.

Check if Your Spark Plugs Are Dry

If you notice a decrease in performance but can’t find any obstructions in the carburetor, then you may need to check your spark plugs. The dirt bike will start differently because it’s running on wet gas and not dry gas.

Remove Old Gaskets

If there is a decrease in performance but no problems with the spark plugs or fuel delivery system, then you might want to remove any old gaskets that may be in the carburetor.

Replace Old Air Filter

Dirt and other particles from the air can clog up your dirt bike’s filter, causing it to be less effective. Replacing old filters with newer ones will ensure that you have maximum performance out of your engine for a long time.

Replace Rear Brake Pads

Rear brakes are one of the most important parts of a dirt bike because they allow you to stop quickly when needed. A constantly worn down or non-existent brake pad means that there is not enough friction between the rubber material and metal surface, which alters stopping distance. This could be very dangerous in emergency situations, so we highly recommend replacing them regularly!

Replace Rear Brake Pads

Adjust Cable Binding

Turn off the engine and disconnect throttle cables from carburetor linkage, then remove the nuts that hold down each end of wire rope coming out from under the gas tank. Remove the wire rope from around the engine, then remove bolts that hold down the plastic covers and metal cable guides underneath.
Pull off the old rubber binding on each end of new cables, wrap with tape or electrical insulation tape to keep it secure as you work your way back up towards carburetor linkage again.

Install a Bigger, More Powerful Battery

Most dirt bikes come with a small 12V lead-acid or AGM-type battery. If you are looking for more power and longer riding time, we recommend installing at least an 18-volt deep cycle marine grade battery.

This will provide the added horsepower to get your bike up hills easier while also providing better performance in city driving conditions where there is stop-and-go traffic on occasion.

Change your brake pads and rotors:

Most dirt bikes come with a set of metal brake pads and rotors already installed. However, this is not always the case. If your brakes are on their way out or if you have just acquired an old bike, it might be time to change them.
We recommend installing high-performance aluminum alloy brake pads for maximum efficiency in stopping power! You can find these at most local auto parts stores.
Additional Tips & Advice:

How To Make Your Dirt Bike Faster

Tip-1: Do not forget to clean your dirt bike after each ride. Dirt bikes are prone to rust, and a layer of grime can build up on the metal over time. Cleaning it will prevent any unnecessary weight from being added onto your dirt bike that could slow you down in higher-speed situations.

Tip-2: Replace old parts with new ones for maximum performance. When replacing old parts, use newer lighter materials because they may be more efficient when spinning faster or going uphill than older heavier metals would be.

For example: if you’re looking at changing the handlebars, consider getting aluminum ones instead of steel ones since just a one-ounce difference is about two percent less energy required during acceleration when coming out of turns and accelerating.

Tip-3: One of the most important things you can do to make your dirt bike faster is to keep its engine tuned and in good condition. Regularly change the oil, check spark plugs for wear, inspect drive belts and chains as well as tires for cracks or signs of damage are all ways to keep your dirt bike running smoothly while making it faster.

For those who aren’t mechanically inclined, a trip into any local motorcycle shop will be able to provide these services if they’re not already included with your warranty plan.

Tip-4: If that’s still too much work and there’s no guarantee that you’ll have enough time before riding season comes around again, then aftermarket performance parts might be worth looking into instead! Installing lighter-weight wheels, sport engine covers, and exhaust systems can make a dirt bike faster without much hassle.

Frequently Asked Question

Should I Change the Weight Distribution on My Bike?

If you are looking to make your dirt bike faster, then yes. Changing the weight distribution will allow more of your total weight to be over the rear wheel.
This will result in better traction and acceleration for a smoother ride and less wear-and-tear on the front brake pads from braking at low speeds. Be mindful that changing your engine size may also require readjustment of your suspension or gearing if it is not done correctly, so plan accordingly before making any changes!

How Can I Get More Horsepower Out of My Dirt Bike?

There are two ways to get more horsepower out of your dirt bike. The first is by increasing the displacement of your engine, and this can be done in a number of ways.
One way is to combine the motor with another one, typically found on an older or cheaper model that has less power than yours does now. Another method would be to have the crankcase enlarged so there’s room for larger pistons which will increase its capacity.

Can I Make My 2 Stroke Faster?

Yes, it’s possible to make your dirt bike faster with a two-stroke engine. The easiest way is by adjusting the air/fuel ratio in order to increase power output and fuel efficiency.
This can be done manually or if you are slightly more advanced, electronically via an ECU system that will do this automatically for you under certain conditions like specific RPM levels.


We hope this guide on how to make your dirt bike faster should have given you some ideas of what you can do with this powerful machine and it’s not too late for riders who are looking to take their ride from slow, sluggish speeds into flat-out, racing speeds.

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