How to Make a Spark Arrestor for a Dirt Bike

In this article, I am going to discuss how to make a spark arrestor for a dirt bike. A dirt bike is a motorcycle that is designed to be used on off-road terrain. Dirt bikes are typically lightweight and have large, knobby tires for maximum traction in soft surfaces such as sand or mud.

These motorcycles are so popular because they provide riders with an exhilarating thrill while also being very approachable due to the low cost of the bikes. A dirt bike can not be used on public roads without the use of a spark arrestor.

The purpose of this device is to prevent sparks from being emitted into the environment, which could cause fires in dry environments such as grass or woods. It also prevents any people’s clothes from catching fire and does so with more efficiency than a muffler.

How to Make a Spark Arrestor for a Dirt Bike

Importance of a Spark Arrestor for a Dirt Bike 

A spark arrestor is a device that prevents sparks from flying out of the engine in certain situations. It is important to use one if you plan on performing any sort of workaround, an open flame or another high heat source because it can easily cause a fire.

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is starting their day off by putting out a fire. A spark arrestor can also be used for riding around in dry brush or grassy areas that are prone to fires.
This is because the flame from a running engine will quickly set anything nearby on fire if it gets too close and, since most people ride their dirt bikes off-road, there’s always something nearby that could catch fire.

Required Materials 

There are certain things that you will need for making a spark arrestor. These important materials will help the process. These are discussed below.

  • A roll of metal screen mesh.
  • Tape measure.
  • Drill machine.
  • Piece of scrap steel pipe that is at least ½ inch in diameter and eight inches long
  • Latex gloves or other heavy-duty work gloves to protect your hands from sharp edges on the drill bit, grinder, and cutting wheel.

Process on How to make a Spark Arrestor for a Dirt Bike

The main steps on making a spark arrestor for a dirt bike is stated below chronologically.

Step One

Cut the screen mesh to length from one end of your roll by making a clean cut. Measure and mark eight inches with a pencil or marker on both sides for cutting. The metal is stiff enough that you can just use scissors, but if they won’t work, then get out the wire cutter.

Step Two

Cut a length of wire or heavy string that is about six inches long. Tie the end to the loose mesh and then use it as an improvised clothesline on which you can hang the screen while cutting your second set of eight-inch lengths from both sides.

Step Three

Roll out one piece, measure and mark an eight-inch length, and cut it off. You now have two pieces of the screen with a little over six inches dangling on both sides that you can tie together if necessary to form an open hoop shape.

Step Four

Slip the wire or string through each side of the mesh frame so that there is one strand running in either direction along the inner edges of all four sides.

Step Five

Tie a knot in each strand near one end so that both strands are securely fastened to the frame but not too tightly (you don’t want to warp or distort your screen).

Step Six

Take the two remaining ends and tie them together in a square knot to complete your screen. You can now hang it on the rack or prop it up with some blocks so that you have space for cutting, assembling, then attaching your spark arrestor device.


Do not use a spark arrestor on an open-pipe exhaust or when riding in dry conditions.

  • A Spark Arrestor is necessary for off-road use only and should be installed as close to the end of the muffler as possible, without restricting airflow.
  • The goal with locating your bolts at least 16 inches apart is to avoid clamping the exhaust tube in a vise.
  • Vibrations will be more pronounced if you have an open pipe, so make sure your bike has a good balance before installing ARD bolts.
  • The carburetor needs an air supply from between the cylinder and head, or it can flood which affects performance.
  • The bolts need both venting holes at the top, which is where most people drill their holes for installation. You want these two holes as close together as possible without touching each other or cutting off any airflow through them.
  • If you have too many baffles in your muffler, it could cause more backpressure on combustion gases which would make the engine run poorly and could lead to overheating issues because there’s not enough airflow being drawn overhead and cylinder parts that need cooling.
  • You should always wear safety kits while making the spark arrestor.

You Can Check It Out What Is a Spark Arrestor on a Dirt Bike

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Spark Arrestor?

A spark arrestor also called an exhaust muffler, reduces the noise and flash of sparks by cooling and dissipating them.

How to Make a Spark Arrestor?

The best way to make a spark arrestor is from sheet metal. Sheet metal has the advantage of being lightweight and less expensive than some other materials, but it can rust over time

How do You Install a Spark Arrestor on Your Bike?

There are two ways to install an exhaust muffler/spark arrester: cut-and-weld or bolt-on style. Cut and weld require removing sections of pipe before welding them back together; bolts have one long piece that slides into place when secured with nuts and bolts.

What Size Should My Spark Arresting be for My Dirt Bike? 

The recommended length of your spark arresting should be based on the total throttle opening area of the engine. If you are not sure how to measure this, contact the manufacturer. They will provide you with the information that will suit your bike

What Are the Benefits to Making a Spark Arrestor? 

A spark arrestor does not solve the problem of pollution, but it can help prevent fires. The device reduces exhaust emissions by trapping unburned hydrocarbons in a cylindrical screen that attaches to pipes leading from the engine and diverting them into a muffler-like chamber for burning off.
The benefits are:

  • A reduction in fire risks
  • No increase or decrease in fuel consumption
  • Reduction of polluting particulates emitted from a bike’s engine if used with clean fuels such as unleaded gasoline or natural gas (NG)

What Disadvantages Does It Have? 

There is some controversy around whether they actually work well enough to justify their cost. Spark plugs can be modified so that they fire more cleanly, thereby reducing the need for a spark arrestor.

If You Don’t Want a Spark Arrestor, What Can Be Used Instead of One? 

Motorcycles can be equipped with a flame arrester, which is made of metal or ceramic and uses the same principle as the spark arrestor.

Did You Know That Buying a Spark Arrestor and Creating One of Your Own for Your Dirt Bike Are Both Legal?

Many people think that buying a spark arrestor and creating one of your own are both illegal, but in reality, they’re both 100% legal. Spark arrestors are used to decrease the risk of fire propagation from an engine-driven vehicle by decreasing harmful exhaust gas emissions.


In conclusion, I hope you learned how to make a spark arrestor for your dirt bike. I hope this article will help those who want to purchase one and also wanted the satisfaction of building it themselves.

The bottom line is that if someone has access to welding equipment, they can create their own, but there are plenty of benefits from purchasing an off-the-shelf part, like increased safety margins due to higher quality materials being used in production.

It will provide more consistent performance because manufacturing tolerances have already been taken into account when designing the product. Bikers should take pride in knowing that they’ve created something with their own two hands.

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