How to Build a Dirt Bike Stand

A dirt bike stand is an invention that helps riders to keep their bikes upright. This keeps the motorcycle from falling over and getting dirty, or worse, damaged.

Dirt bike stands also help when you’re working on your bike as it makes things easier for both parties involved- the rider can work on his/her ride without worrying about balancing a heavy motorcycle while they do so.

How to Build a Dirt Bike StandIntroduction

Dirt Bike Stands are not just for dirt bikes, though; other types of motorcycles like street bikes also need them to balance themselves too. You don’t have to use your hands at all to balance your ride with these awesome inventions- all you have to do is lower it onto the stand.

In this article, I will discuss some easy ways how to build a dirt bike stand. This will be highly beneficial for dirt bike users. But before that, let us go through some essential aspects of a dirt bike stand.

Importance of a dirt Bike Stand

Dirt bikes are one of the most popular types of motorcycles on the market, but they don’t always come with a stand. This is dangerous because you may have to lean it up against something else or set it down while performing maintenance in order to keep it balanced. 

A dirt bike stand is needed to keep your motorcycle from getting scratched or the bodywork from being damaged in any way. Dirt bikes are tough on a motorcycle, but it’s worse when you don’t have one!

Importance of a dirt Bike Stand

A dirt bike will put pressure and weight on virtually every part of its frame. The suspension forks are subject to tons of abuse over time as well. Springs that get compressed too much can break, and they’re expensive to replace (especially if they come with an oil seal).

If not for the proper care taken by using a dirt bike stand, then this may lead up into something more serious such as bending bars or breaking axles.

Required Materials for Building a Dirt Bike Stand

There are some common tools that you will require before you start building your own dirt bike stand. Some of them are discussed below.

  • One (or two) lengths of sturdy, straight lumber.
  • Drill with drill bits and Phillips head screwdriver bit.
  • Metal screws and fasteners.
  • Hammer or mallet to tap together pieces – optional but helpful.
  • You will also need a pair of gloves and goggles for personal safety.
  • It is better to use malleable metal for this process.
  • You can use hinges which will help you make a stand foldable.
  • Using lightweight materials like aluminum will help the constriction easier.

Processes on How to Build a Dirt Bike Stand: 

Process One: Plywood Bike Stand

It’s not hard to build a dirt bike stand. You will need some wood, metal brackets, bolts and nuts, the sheet of plywood or MDF (medium-density fiberboard), which is lightweight but strong enough for the task at hand.

  • Make sure you have all the materials before starting, as it can be time-consuming if they’re waiting on your doorstep when you finish building!
  • Measure out 100 cm by 50 cm from two 15cm pieces of wood; one 75mm x 18mm piece and one 75 mm x 25mm piece. This should measure perfectly into four blocks that are 18×25 mm in size. Drill holes through these so that once assembled, they’ll hold onto any bolt inserted through them with ease.
  • Draw a line down the center of your plywood and make sure it extends over the blocks you have just drilled. Place these on top of this wooden board, holes facing up. Make them even with two lines drawn from one side to another so that they are symmetrical or matched in size.
  • Drill through each block at an angle so that when screwed together, they’ll be flush against one another; don’t drill all the way, though! Screw into place once assembled!
  • Cut out four pieces of wood to use as feet for stability and paint any sides if necessary – now assemble everything by screwing bolts through both sets of blocks first before attaching them to the main stand structure. It should take eight screws to total: three for each block.
  • Next, screw in the wooden blocks for feet and tighten them down to complete your stand.

Process Two: PVC Bike Stand

  • Measure out lengths of PVC pipes using a measuring tape and cut pieces to size
  • Drill holes in the base, upper pieces, and lower pipe. The hole on the top should be large enough for a bolt or pole to fit through with some space.
  • Fill PVC pipes with concrete, so they are sturdy when put together.
  • Connect all three sections of piping using bolts or threaded rod.
  • Place bike on the stand and tighten bolts to secure them into place.
  • Add a lock or chain to keep bikes safe from theft.

Key Consideration While Building a Dirt Bike Stand

There are some aspects that you need to consider while building your dirt bike stand. These are stated below with proper explanation.


One of the most important factors is durability. It should be able to withstand any type of weather condition and keep your dirt bike steady. You can use an old car wheel or make a stand out of pieces if wood.


The size also matters when it comes to choosing which material you will build with, as well as where you are going to place it in your garage.

Size of Dirt Bike Stand


If money isn’t much on hand, then consider using scrap materials that you would find at home, such as PVC pipes or metal bars, instead of buying expensive stands made for this purpose only.


The weight of the stand needs to be light enough for you to carry it around. Some stands are made with wheels to help you move it from one location to the other.


You need a stand that is high enough for your bike but also low enough so as not to fall off.


If you want something lightweight and easy to maintain, then look for metal or aluminum stands. Aluminum ones will rust if they are exposed to water on a constant basis, especially in humid environments; stainless steel pieces might be better suited if this applies.


Before you can start building the dirt bike stand, you must be careful about some stuff. For the betterment of our readers, we have suggested some of these precautions below.

  • Gather all your tools and materials.
  • Make sure you have a level surface to build on, preferably outside or in an open garage.
  • If building indoors, make sure you are working safely near windows that can be opened if fumes become too much for anyone inside the home.
  • Wear protective eyewear when cutting metal with power tools (not necessary otherwise).
  • Do not use any toxic substances such as paint thinner or gasoline while assembling this dirt bike stand because it is unsafe and will produce noxious vapors.
  • Be careful using high-powered power saws because they may kick back at you which could cause injury.

Maintenance of the Dirt Bike Stand


You need to clean your stand with a damp cloth and mild soap. Rinse well with water and dry off. Make sure that you do not use any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

Cleaning Dirt Bike Stand

This may damage the surface, which is porous and cannot be treated as metal would be in terms of rust prevention. Above all else, avoid getting paint thinner on it! It can strip the protective finish from polymer clay items at best; at worst, it’s awfully flammable!


When storing the dirt bike stand, make sure that no part of its surface comes into contact with anything other than cloth or soft materials. If you’re storing it in a garage, put some old blankets on the floor first to prevent scratches and scuffs from occurring when they stand up against metal surfaces like walls and shelves.


When packing your dirt bike stand for moving, do not use Styrofoam or any sort of foam padding as this can cause damage to its surface through compression; items should be wrapped separately instead of with towels or bubble wrap before being placed inside another box for protection during transportation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Think Was the Most Difficult Part of Building This?   

I would say that it was assembling the dirt bike stand. It came in pieces and had to be put together, so there were a lot more steps involved than if it just came assembled upfront.

How Long Did It Take to Complete This Project? 

This generally depends on the speed of the builder. It can take from six hours to one day, depending on the materials used in the process.

Do You Have Any Tips for Making Something Similar? 

The best tip I could give is to have patience. If you are not careful with what you’re doing, it can be easy to cut yourself or damage the dirt bike stand in some way. That’s why if something isn’t going well for me, I’ll take a break before continuing on so I don’t make any mistakes!

What Was Learned From This Project? 

I learned that this wasn’t as difficult of a project as expected and how to assemble pieces together like an expert carpenter. It was also fun being able to use different tools while trying new things out too!

How Much Do You Think It’ll Cost? 

As you are making a stand using homemade tools, I hope that it will not cost you more than thirty dollars. But you must be very careful about the materials you choose to use for this process.

Can Homemade Tools be Used for this Process?

I would recommend that you use homemade tools for this process because the materials are going to be cheaper than purchasing something at a store. It will save both money and time.


The bike stand is a simple and easy project that you can complete in about an hour or less. The frame and the wheels make it portable, so you don’t have to worry if you need to move it around while working on your bike. We hope that the processes we have mentioned here will be helpful for you. You must maintain all the necessary precautions while performing this process. Thank you, and have a good day.

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