How to Push Start a Dirt Bike

Push starting a dirt bike is not as easy as it sounds. You have to know how to use the clutch and throttle in order to maintain balance while pushing the bike. There are also many different positions that you can be in when push starting a dirt bike, depending on the type of motorcycle that you have. This post will help you understand how to push start a dirt bike with ease!

How to Push Start a Dirt Bike

Things to Consider Before Push Start a Dirt Bike

  • Fuel in tank
  • Bike must be push started with the clutch engaged and engine off.
  • A clean, flat surface is needed for a push start
  • Place foot on the rear brake to help hold back the weight of the bike during push start. You can also place an object behind one of your tires for more stabilization if needed (such as a large rock, log, or piece of wood).
  • Push bike off with the opposite leg from which you’re standing; using both legs will cause too much forward momentum and could send the rider over handlebars.
  • Use your arms and shoulders to push the bike.
  • You can use both legs if you need more power, but it’s important not to rock back on heels during start or else you’ll risk a bike stall

Steps To Follow – How to Push Start a Dirt Bike

Steps of Push Start a Dirt Bike

1) The Dirt Bike Must Be Turned off:

If the Dirt Bike is turned off then it will take less effort to push start it. In order for a dirt bike to be able to be pushed started, make sure that you are not trying to push-start an already running motorcycle. To find out if your engine has been shut down so that you can easily restart it when needed!

2) Remove the Clutch Cover:

The clutch cover is a metal piece that covers the flywheel. To remove it, you’ll need to undo two bolts with an Allen wrench or socket set and lift off the top of the clutch cover after removing any other loose parts around the engine. With a clutch cover removed from your dirtbike, you are ready to begin pushing and starting with ease!

3) Put Your Weight on the Starter Pedal:

The process begins when you step on the starter pedal and put your weight behind it. The goal is to push down hard enough so that the piston can be engaged in order for a bike engine to start up again!

4) Keep Your Feet Clear from Underneath the Bike’s Engine Case:

As you push down on the pedal, keep your feet clear from underneath the bike’s engine case. The dirt bike can be heavy and it may be hard to balance yourself when putting weight onto a starter pedal if you are too close!

5) Always Use One Hand On The Throttle To Prevent Accidental Starting:

If you are using your left hand to push the bike while starting it with the right, this can cause problems. The throttle may get caught in between because of putting pressure on both sides and will result in an accidental start. Always use one hand for pushing and the other for holding onto the handlebar so that neither side is being pressed down.

Do and Don’t When Push Starting a Dirt Bike


  • Make sure the bike is in the ready position.
  • Have your fuel running before you start pushing.
  • Hold up to two seconds for the engine to warm up and catch on fire when starting a cold dirt bike engine.


  • Push too hard, this can cause injury or damage to your dirt bike.
  • Try to start the bike if it’s fully cold.
  • Start a running dirt bike engine with your foot on the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you Should Push Start a Dirt Bike:

Since the engine is not running, you will need to push start your dirt bike. The first step in starting a dirt bike on its own power is by pushing it off of the stand and onto level ground. This should be done with care so that your front wheel does not get caught on any objects or obstacles that may be around and cause the dirt bike to fall over.

When you Should Push Start a Dirt Bike

The next step is by turning the handlebars away from you then applying pressure on the front brake and pulling back on both levers. The goal here is to apply enough force so that your rear wheel lifts up off of the ground, but not so much that it flips over backward or shoots forward uncontrollably.

Is It Unsafe to Push Start a Dirt Bike:

Yes, it is unsafe to push start a dirt bike. Dirt bikes are notoriously hard to start and if you have bad luck with your foot placement or timing then the kick starter can hit you in the face. The engine will also stall out when trying to restart because the clutch lever won’t be engaged properly after pushing on it for so long.

If you are trying to push start a dirt bike then make sure that the clutch lever is all the way in. The kick starter should be on your right leg side and keep your foot position correct throughout the entire process of pushing it. Fresh gas, a new spark plug, good oil level will also help with getting your dirt bike started when you are pushing start it.


If you’re looking to learn how to push start a dirt bike, we’ve got some tips for you. It’s important that the throttle isn’t on when starting your motorcycle so it doesn’t cause an accident and get stuck in gear or stall out.

You’ll want to engage the clutch with one hand while using the other to hold down the starter button until the engine starts running smoothly. When disengaging from these controls, always go back into neutral before putting hands on handlebars again. The next time you need help figuring out how to push start a dirt bike, we hope this post helped!

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